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Hello people on the portal. My name is Mimi Kaper and i am a cat girl*insert silly roar here*. I enjoy vore and am a rper. The only rules i have are no fulltour or scat related things, no slutty or sexual whore drive (that doesnt inxclude those people that are kinky). Also the first rp you MUST BE PREY OR AT LEAST PREY SOMETIME DOWN THE ROAD. Please also enjoy my future stories eventually i will post

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Have you ever had a crazy idea go into you mi d before going to sleep? I had one when i went to sleep last night and the thought was about felarya. I imagined a video game where your character has just fallen into felarya and have to makwe it to a safe place to call home. Now whats weird is that the combat system would be rpg, but you can explore the worlds like in mario galaxy... Also if an area you dvisited had weak enemies when you come back higher level the game pulls an earthbohnd and has those enemies run away. I kinda like this idea and i kinda want everyones opinions... Let me know what you think?

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Many thanks for the watch Kitty!

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Thanks for the watch Mimi, I've seen you before on discord, heheh :P

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