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Hello people on the portal. My name is Mimi Kaper and i am a cat girl*insert silly roar here*. I enjoy vore and am a rper. The only rules i have are no fulltour or scat related things, no slutty or sexual whore drive (that doesnt inxclude those people that are kinky). Also the first rp you MUST BE PREY OR AT LEAST PREY SOMETIME DOWN THE ROAD. Please also enjoy my future stories eventually i will post

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Tumblr is a social media i own and i like it.... Well for the most part. NSFW is a topic i adore.... To a certain degree. For the whole 2% wbo don't know tumblr is gonna remove adult content on Dec 17. I could hardly care less..... I cant se why they are doing this and its kinda annoying to see all these nsfw artist/art lovers complain about how tumblr is messing up or its gonna be completely awful without. I love my fair share of nsfw but.... Tumblr probably wasnt meant for nsfw...... Thats why thinks like ekas, Furaffinity, Pixiv, and even Newground are for(an to a certain extention to DA). Just be thankful we still have nsfw sites.... Just remember too i love artwork amd nsfw art but just cause a site is going to remove nsfw art... Doesnt make it shit

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Yee! Lol


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Thank you for the watch


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Ohhhhh my~ thats lewd ;)


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Thanks for the watch sweetheart <3


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Thanks for the watch ! Hiss~ <3

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