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I'm just an amateur writer who loves vore and wants to share my stories with the world. So please, read and enjoy. Or not, depending on your tastes.

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Anice clutched desperately to the
dragon’s claw as it soared over the landscape. Far, far below, she
could see the winding blue ribbons of rivers, a gray ribbon running
alongside it that must be the road, the tiny patches of golden ground
where wheat farms stood. Despite the dizzying heights and dread at
her own impending doom, she couldn’t help but be awestruck by the
magnificent view.
They flew for over an hour, and
despite herself, Anice began to nod off when the beast suddenly began
to c

The dragon descended upon the city,
his massive form blotting out the sun over the town square. A great
crowd of people had gathered for his arrival, which was heralded not
by screams of terror, but stark silence. The great scaly beast craned
back his serpentine neck and gazed down upon the pale, nervous crowd.
Sunlight glittered from his pure white scales, and the townsfolk
could not look directly at his brilliant form. Before them all,
standing upon a grand stage in the exact center of the squ

The video opens
in a crowded convention center. Cosplayers can be seen everywhere,
and there are various colorful booths set up for various anime, manga
and video games. “Hey, folks,” Amanda says from off screen,
barely audible over the background of the convention. The view shakes
slightly as she begins to walk. “Mike has the flu this week, so
it’s just you and me here. Now, let’s try and find a tasty
looking girl to introduce myself to, shall we?”
There is a jump
cut, and Amanda is

The Buzzing rings in my ears, and
the world returns to me, muddled and unfocused, like one of those
Pre-War abstract paintings from earth. I sit up in bed and yawn,
rubbing sleep out of my eyes. “Good morning, Citizen C-239,”
comes the cheerful voice of Macro, the supercomputer in everybody’s
head. “Your work for today is…” here the damnable voice pauses,
as if waiting a drumroll, “…ore processing! Please follow the red
dotted line to your designated work area.”
Years ago, I wo

Kaine had never been one for
thinking. She preferred to act on instinct, using her fighting skills
and luck to get out of tough scrapes. But it was clear that acting
without thought wouldn’t help her now. She would have to use her
every wit to survive this place.
It had all started three days ago,
in the clearing right outside of her home. The silver haired girl had
just been minding her own business, killing a few shades, when all of
a sudden a gigantic crow-like beast descended from on high

Dark Sun Gwyndolin was troubled.
Mere hours ago, the Darkmoon
Knightess, charged with guarding the bonfire at the entrance to Anor
Londo, had vanished. None of his informants could tell him where she
had vanished to, or who was responsible, but some sources claimed
that there had been sightings of a large, spider-like creature in the
Only two such beings existed in
Lordran, Gwyndolin knew. Quelaag, and her sister, the Fair Lady. The
latter was reportedly so frail and weak that she could no

The video opens to
Amanda in the midst of swallowing someone whole, their squirming toes
sticking out of her lips. Amanda runs her tongue along the
appendages, then gives one last gulp, dumping the girl bodily into
her stomach.
“Hey, all,” she
says, smiling, hands on her hips and belly proudly outthrust.
“Welcome back to the last part of the Celebrity Just Desserts
Triple feature.” She pates her squirming gut. “The lady you just
saw get eaten wasn’t Khloe, or Kourtney. She was a ~bur

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Posted by RossTheEmeraldFox 3 years ago

*staring.. staring..staring..blink*..Shit..


Posted by Chameleonette 3 years ago

Thanks a lot for the comment and the fave!


Posted by Nateman9 3 years ago

u ever uploadin more just desserts?


Posted by Nateman9 3 years ago

u ever uploadin more just desserts?


Posted by Nateman9 3 years ago

u ever uploadin more just desserts?


Posted by StormGemios1343 4 years ago

You should do a 'just dessert' story with Ariana Grande
Just saying

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Posted by Doge 4 years ago

I think I'm going through Amanda-wihdrawls! :(


Posted by puck5 4 years ago

Can't wait for the next just desserts.

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Posted by Doge 4 years ago

Can't wait to see who Amanda will glup next!


Posted by Komodo 4 years ago

Thank you for the watch =D


Posted by EvaUnit13 4 years ago

Your Icon....I like your icon....Nice Choice


Posted by SynningStar 4 years ago

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