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Hi, I'm a person. I rarely upload,, but ye. My writing isn't the best, so if possible please leave me some feedback. I will probably mostly do female prey, but sometimes I change ;). My goal is to contribute and nothing more. I hope you can look past my amateur writing and just enjoy what I do. I also comment quite frequently, so you might see me a bit more often than you'd like .

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Tatooine, the worst planet you could possibly be on in this huge galaxy. Hot, barren, and crawling with scum. No one was there willingly, and would take any opportunity to leave. So then why was Padme being sent back here after so long. Her husband Anakin was born here and often liked to talk bad about it (she knew some from her few experiences, but not much).

As her chrome ship be


Boyfriend dropped his mic in defeat. He lost. How could he lose to the joke of a monster before him? He had beaten tougher beings, so how did he lose to this thing? The being he had lost to was known as Monster, a pure black being (save for the lemon for a head) who really wanted to eat his girlfriend. He had been able to beat it before, but not this time.


Moana grumbled, trying to remember what was going on. Maui talked nonsense, they both jumped down a hole to retrieve Maui’s hook. Now she was in the realm of monsters. Moana, confident in her memories, tried to sit up. Much to her surprise, she was already being lifted up by a tongue!

“What?! No no no no!!!” She screamed, trying to get out of the grasp of the pink,


“And yeah, that’s how I did it!” Bernie exclaimed, giving his oversized stomach a slap. “Tore my favorite hoodie though, but at least we won’t see them again!”


“So you just swallowed them alive? With your mouth?” Ollie asked, scratching his head. He’d heard and seen some weird st

Bernie sighed and flopped on his back, making a grunt as he landed. Yup, he did it. He saved the Chosen One (aka, his best buddy Ollie). Bernie belched quite loudly and patted his stomach with delight.

“Come on you brat, let us out!” one of the bounty hunters, Bev, yelled out. She wasn’t the happiest about being crammed into a tiny stomach with her partner, Andre. “Just let us get to our target and we’ll be on our way!”

Cum on down to South Park: Kyle
  Well this is new. Imagine sending your friends out of your house, then having one of them turn up at your door with her girlfriend inside her. LITERALLY inside her! Yeah, fucking wierd. So now I’m driving at 70 miles per hour to save my good friend Wendy Testaburger, who was probably already dead.
  Hi, I’m Kyle Brovloski. You may have heard me being called, Sneaky Jew Jew Rat, or perha

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