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He/Him | 22 | Bi/Pan | Pred

Gender prefs: None in particular, though as a male pred myself, expect to see me producing lots of content with that POV. :P

Types of vore: Oral, cock, soul, absorption

Likes: Samesize, halfsize, G/t, safe/protective, digestion (regen or fatal), biting, teasing, human, furry/anthro, demi, sapient/sentient feral, romantic/loving, slight/moderate wg, dommy preds, sweet preds, willing, unwilling, foodplay, stuffed prey, teasing subby/less experienced preds, sentient pudge, soft, hard

Dislikes: Scat/disposal (except in the case of cum digestion), underage

Just a little space for my scribblings, or any other related creative pursuits that come to mind~ If something's not specifically mentioned in my likes or dislikes, feel free to ask!

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For all of their wile and cunning, dryads are fragile creatures. Papery skin that flakes off like leaves if they go too long without moisture; no body heat of their own to melt ice or snow in the winter; instinctive fear of fire; shrinking from the cold and fleeing from open and vulnerable spaces. Indeed, many migrate with the birds that dwell in their leafy locks, understanding that when their little feathered residents take their leave, the chill is not far off.
So naturally, it quite confused

A fuzzy wave rolled through Alyosha’s head as he staggered to his feet, the night sky seeming to whirl above him. The lurching in his stomach was doing his balance no favors, and he scooped both hands under his still-swollen gut in a desperate effort to keep the soupy remains of Grushenka from tipping him back onto the ground. He sucked a sharp breath through his teeth as his fingers were embraced by a softness that hadn’t been there before.
“Oh my lovely, look what’s be

It was a single thick, laboured swallow that finally drowned Grushenka in the slick folds of Alyosha’s flesh after a much-protracted struggle with the girl. The novice grabbed wildly at his throat, at the shifting bulges that still twitched in vain desperation inside his impossibly taut gullet. Though his head was tipped skyward, allowing gravity to carry her down, the only stars he could see were those behind his eyes as they rolled back into their sockets. He felt the threads of his cass

“So, whaddaya think? Is everything to your liking?” The landlady’s tone bubbles with good-natured sarcasm. “Getting settled in okay?”
“Yes, I believe I am.” The young man standing at the centre of the room replies softly with a timid smile, hands nestled in the pockets of his bright green hoodie.
“Most of these kids just immediately give off the vibe that they’re gonna trash the place, but you…” she nods, “I like you.&rdquo

This is obviously the place: the loud music and many loud voices pumping from the house make it impossible to be anywhere else. Straightening his leather jacket with a tug on the collar and smoothing the front of his neatly pressed burgundy shirt, a young man standing in the front yard throws his head back and inhales deep through his nose. The typical scents are all here: alcohol, weed, sweat, the grease and salt of snacks, but among it all played the innumerable aromas of the occupants. Sweet,

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