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Part 1~

Zenna had no time for trespassers. She didn't have time for worthless bugs who invaded her castle. She didn't have the feelings to care for such disgraceful people.

Of course one of those were a lie. She had nothing to do at all in her lonely castle. She could only ask her maidens to please her in any way, and that got boring after awhile. Yet despite being grateful for the change in her daily mo

Lumine put her rag down onto the cart before running a hand through her greasy hair. She chuckled at the thought of how much she needed a shower tonight. She hadn't had much work today, and it was awfully cold. Usually by now, someone would bring their beautiful giantess along to be left for training, and Lumine could snuggle right on inside and work her magic, but no one had shown up yet. She sighed and picked up a clean rag, rubbing it in her hair to get rid of any sweat.

Mésa eternally groaned as she drove up into Ākali's driveway. Yes, she had promised to help Ākali, but she didn't understand why Ākali didn't just call some movers. They could do the job much better than the two of them.

She got out of the car and walked up the walkway. She wasn't even to the door when it opened and a eager Ākali stood at the doorframe.

"Mésa! Thank you for coming.

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Juniper groaned as the screen remained unchanged. She had spent hours just hacking into the girls computer, and was just waiting for all the information to finish

You opened your eyes and groaned. You had done this several times now. Opening your eyes and expecting to see your foster mother looking over you, telling you that you had fallen asleep on the couch and asking if you were okay.

Instead, every time you opened your eyes, you were still in that tight dark space, with the warm and wet walls rubbing you as your foster mother, snake, lamia women thing walked around.

Its been about a month in a half, and you were loving it. You went to school (unfortunately) and made three great friends. First, there was Sophie. She was so chipper and sweet, and she was always seemingly in a good mood.

She was a dirty blonde, and stereotypical nice girl. She always had her hair in a ponytail, and seemed to have a big thing for magic. She’d talk about it all the time.

She was your first friend w

They all slowly turned to you. You ate the last of your cookie, tense as they all stared at you. You raised one hand and limply waved it.

"H-hi." You said weakly. Immediately all the girls in the kitchen ran over, squealing and talking.

"The foster kid! They're here! Oh my gosh they're here!" They all cried out excitedly as they reached you, crowding around you.


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