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I have been a voraphile for all of my life; in kindergarten, I heard the story of the Three Little Pigs…and that was it. I've wanted to be eaten alive ever since. Yet it was not until I stumbled onto YumChat shortly before I turned 19 that I ever did anything about my fetish.

I am an artist of the written word, not any manner of drawing. I am good at short stories and poetry but have little experience being a hired keyboard. I commission more than anything else.

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The sun cast its soft rays upon the sizable building that held the young but prosperous law firm of Luann St. Clair. The place had sprung up practically as soon as she was finished with law school, and was quickly becoming one of the more reliable names in the business. The evidence of this came from some of the office’s adornments, among them a large, fancy deep space photograph of the “Rose Cluster” and a desk of hand-carved mahogany, which Luann was presently sitting behind,

More than anything, it was the sand that woke him. The gulls flying overhead were raucous and harsh, but for a boy raised in the city, sleeping through noise was a habit of long standing. The gentle lap of the waves was warm and soft, heated by the sun, and not jarring enough to stir him. But the


...the sand was gritty and prickly, creeping into his boxers and down his shirt front, making him so intensely uncomfortable that

The first sensation to invade the mind of the young man was cold. It felt bone chilling, shocking him to a disoriented awakening as surely as a bucket of ice to the face. It encompassed his whole body, his skin twitching and shivering as it struck. As he was starting to come to terms with the cold, sound invaded his world. A rapid thudding filled his head, a cadence that was simultaneously familiar and alien.

The sun was almost down, fading red light swallowed by shadows and



ellow-orange glow of the street

lights. Downtown, neon and headlights and actinic flood lamps push


back the dark, a false dawn until the real one comes again. But here, in the warehouse district, the only neon hung over a m


The sunlight shining in through the window was relentless. No matter how deep under the blanket she squirmed, no matter how many pillows she piled over her head, Cindy St. Clair couldn't deny the arrival of morning. It crept under the pillows, beamed cheerily through the blanket, and woke up what seemed like every bird on earth with orders to come sing at her window in a sp

"Well…I've always had this thing about Goldilocks and the Three Bears…"

The listener was a normal-looking girl named Cindy

. She had plain brown hair, mousy and slightly straggly if she didn’t put it into a ponytail, soft-looking eyes, and a fairly average build of a body that was currently covered only by a

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