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I write stories sometimes. Always looking for story ideas!

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The Gold residence had been picked clean.
Every item of any possible value had been taken, presumably pawned off or taken with them. Kerrie disappeared from school without a trace, then soon after her mother, Mrs. Gold, had disappeared also. She was last seen at home, running inside her house and calling out her daughter’s name. The witness, a young girl who attended Kerrie’s school and wished to remain anonymous, claims to have watched Mrs. Gold enter the house, coll

“Are you certain no one has seen her? Aren’t there any cameras in this place?!” Mrs. Gold said, visibly panicking. Her daughter Kerrie had went to the bathroom in class and nobody had seen her since.

“I’m sorry Mrs. Gold, we’ve searched everywhere we can think of. Nobody has seen Kerrie. We were hoping you had seen her, that’s why we called you in from work. Please, take a seat, I’ll get you a coffee.” Ms. Bloom said,

he disappearance of a faculty member can be forgotten more quickly than one might think. Despite the unusual circumstances surrounding Ms. Richards’ recent departure from the school, there wasn’t all that much fuss over the situation. According to the last person to see her, a student named Jane, Ms. Richards left the after school detention only to return with a bag of manure which she dumped all over her own desk, then left without a word. (Her room has been vacant ever since; the s

For most people, school is something akin to punishment. A mandatory prison sentence for everyone, everywhere. Not many want to return when they grow up, even to visit, so it may seem strange to want to actually work in a school. But that’s just the career Amanda chose. A very bright student herself, Amanda loved the idea of passing on her knowledge to the children in her classroom. But it turns out the “idea” was all that she actually liked. The reality of teaching was much le

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