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Just a writer that sometimes posts stuff.

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Girl or Butt Plug?
F/F AV story.
match of the century had just come to a close and Rainbow Mika just
won and is on her way to becoming a superstar of her league… In
probably one of the weirdest ways possible.
being escorted back to her room, with an enlarged gut and a slightly
sore ass. Inside her gut squirming around was a fan girl who helped
Mika a bit by giving her more UMPH with her drops. Once she got back
into the room and they were alone, Mika sat down and groaned.

Monster or Something Worse?
M/Multi-prey story.
was the end of a long day, Squad Seven of the Gallian Militia was
getting ready to move out to their next mission, but due to being in
enemy territory the leader asked a group of four to head out and
scout ahead.
group consisted was made of some of the more quick footed scouts in
the squad, exactly what’s needed for this brief mission. The group
Coren, a blonde haired woman with short dirty blond hair wearing
glasses along

Sly Cat.
F/F story.
sat in her living room, watching a horror movie marathon with a large
bowl of popcorn in her “PJs”… That being said, it was just a
black tank top and panties. She just finished watching a horror movie
where the villain awakens from their slumber and devours the campers
near the lake before being trapped in its cave once more.
roommates got it and a few others but they were busy tonight. Joan
and Roxy where out patrolling while Lani was at the gym… Or

Tours: Space Age Troubles.
F/FFF vore short story.
d-did I…” Regina sat in the back of a stall, stomach bloated with
two distinct
let out a massive burp and groaned slightly, her stomach barely able
to hold everything it took in. The people inside her stomach press
against the walls of the organ and muffled noises are heard, but not
It’s OK… It’s ok… One was LITTERALLY just a fish… The
other… Close to a chicken?” Regina ration

Tours: Ally’s Sunny Day.
F/F bondage and vore story.
from a few friends of a tour unlike others, Ally manages to make
contact with the organizer for the plethora of adventures of the land
known as Gensokyo, Yukari Yukumo. Few get to do this, and only after
the woman decides they’re trust worthy enough are they allowed to
get the full details of the tour… And Ally was deemed worthy like
her friends Aesirko and Nan.
whisked away through a dark gap flooded with eyes

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Well, this is a depressing title for my first blog post on here... But, felt like I should say it anyways. Hell, some who might get altered might not even remember that they follow me...

BUT that being said, I feel like I do owe you all this explanation at least. I haven't been posting, hell even writing new stuff recently because... Saying "Writer's block" is an understatement, I just don't feel like writing at all honestly. What people request doesn't exactly line up with what I want to write, but I want to write what people enjoy reading so they can enjoy themselves.

On top of that last part, when I say "I could use some inspiration" for some reason some interpret it as "REQUESTS OPEN! FREE STORY! RIGHT HERE! HERE! OVER HERE!" and that's... Not the same,...
[ Continued ... ]

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Posted by Sabrina 10 months ago

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Haha, you and me both! Happy you enjoyed it!


Posted by Sabrina 10 months ago

Thanks for the favorite!


Posted by Chameleonette 1 year ago

Thanks a lot for the watch! :) I appreciate it~!


Posted by Malezor 1 year ago

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Hehehehe thanks, glad you like it! ^^


Posted by Malezor 1 year ago

Thanks for the watch! :D


Posted by dragonvenom 2 years ago

Can you please do some f/f or f/m of akame ga kill seriously there is none of them

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Posted by DoubleOSnake 2 years ago

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No prob! Can't wait to see what other stories you whip up! X3


Posted by DoubleOSnake 2 years ago

Thanks for the watch, buddy! X3


Posted by VertGreenHeart 2 years ago

You look familiar... OuO

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