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Wallsi High school a school dominated by a high number of snobs, and the obnoxious with a few outcasts scattered about, and at the very bottom of the social food chain the nerd called Harley Black.
Harley is a a mousy short boy with short black hair blue eyes, pail skin, and a small frail frame. He's always being picked on by one or another to no end of humiliation, but like all bullies they ban together, and laugh in groups at his plight.
Today is like any other so Harley thinks as he walks hom

Shego's snack
Shego had just got back to her hideout after turning Kim into her personal undies. "This is great Kim but I can't think I'm missing something." She said looking at the spy pics shes taken of Kim over the years.
She focused on the cheerleader photos and seen Bonnie Kim's adversary, and constant tormentor. "Well sense you're mine Kimmy I have an idea." She said sitting at her computer doing a search for Bonnie to find her address.
After a few moments of searching Shego found her new

Bridget's new bounty
Bridget was fighting is little heart out at the Gear that he was souspto bring in for a hefty reward at the organization. He smiled as he pulled a cyclone spin with his yo-yo on fire attacking the gear monster finally knocking it out with a final fiery blow.
He pulled his yo-yo's back, and cheered. "Yes finally I'll be set." HE cheered as hes robotic teddy rodger danced beside him. He put his yo-yo's away, and ran over ready to slap the irons on the monster as it started glo

Shego's Suprize
Kim Possible saved the world from aliens, and countless other threats in her teenage years, and in doing so her heart was soon tore by her favorite instigator. Kim sighed heavily driving home after saving the world again.
"Boy I miss fighting Shego. She had to be my favorite henchman." She said pulling into the driveway. "To bad shes been so quiet lately it's been months ever seance I turned twenty two." She said with a heavy sigh getting out of her car, and into the house.
She s

A thief in the night
Late at night a young lady lie in her bed reading a book about a handsome man dreaming shed have a savior come for her her own knight in shinning armor.
She herd her door get busted in, and jumped up hiding in the closet.
Soft breathing is herd as she tries to regain composer as a pair of footsteps grow closer,
As the steps grew louder the woman shuttered in fear as the figure in black threw open the door to the room
The girl started crying. and the man heard the sorrowful

The obsession
I admire you from afar, your beautiful golden locks, eyes blue, and deep as the sea, and fair flawless skin.
I watch you every day with interest, and the intent of asking you out.
I see you my stomach knots as I get closer to you but as I get closer I realize my desire is not for my heart it rests lower in the pit of my stomach.
I lick my lips, and admire your perfect body as you walk, and I talk to you my belly growls softly.
I smile sweetly holding composer as I think of you roa

The early night breeze blew into Telly's face as she ran down the path through the park. A long-sleeved athletic top shielded her upper body from the nippy air, but her short jogging shorts left her light brown legs exposed. The rhythmic steps of her running shoes hitting the pavement synced with the beat in her earphones.
Jogging was something Telly always done to release bad feelings, but it wasn't working tonight. She slowed to a walk as she approached a bench, exhausted both physically and

Yummy Gummy Girlfriend
Seroia put another stick of gum into her mouth as she turned onto the street where her boyfriend lived. She was a was an 18 year-old black woman with a shapely, sexy body, and skin that was almost the same color as dark chocolate. She was dressed for the hot summer day in a revealing pink top, high cut shorts, and a pair of cute pink sneakers. She walked down the street until came to a white house with a hearse in the driveway. She knocked on the door. Horou, a 5'8, pale 1

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Meh just had a bunch of random ideas kickin round me head lately.. so jotted em down so I wouldnt loose them if they come in handy sometime. Mite start writing stories again if I get off my ass :)

The vampire killer

An aichent vampire, one of the last vampires, and mythic beasts, Obsessed with death, power and herown suprimicy she sided with aichent hunters in the early years she killed draning her bretheren,
and everythign she came acrost. Killing and draining them eventualy nearly obtaining godhood herself.. Time passed she calmed down as the other mythics either died by her hand or simply vanished
she got content with her work she...
[ Continued ... ]

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