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Just my page to dump vore writings, often fanfiction. I'll scatter some stuffing in as well for some variety, but this'll be mainly vore because that's what we're all here for. I mostly do yugioh dm stuff, and I’ll take requests if they relate to that, but not really for anything else since this is just for fun.

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Having this much control over Dib... it's fantastic.

Zim idly drummed a finger on his abdomen, the slight bump against his tunic the only evidence of the life contained within. The little squirms from the human weren't visible from the outside unless Zim paid close attention, and no one else could see them. Dib was


, and his

Dib wasn’t really sure what he’d walked in on. Frankly, he wasn’t sure he


to know. All he was certain of was that Zim was laying on his back in some kind of cushion, rubbing a stomach that was easily three times its normal size. His camera wavered in his hand as he peered over the crates he was crouched behind and scanned the scene- wrappers were everywhere, labeled with both alien and human symbols.

Zim was hungry
for something.

, he wasn’t sure. Something other than sugar, because he’d had a few spoonfuls and they hadn’t even cracked at the hunger. Usually, whenever he had a craving that satisfied it, but now it just nagged at the pit of his spooch like a loose tooth. He’d already taken a single bite of nearly everything in the fridge and none of them sad sated the itching desire. (On to

Ryou ached all over. He woke up, then slumped back down on the bed with a groan. The bandages on his arm had been fixed- he’d remembered feeling blood oozing through the cut, but it had been replaced with clean gauze and wrappings.

His head hurt, his arm hurt, but mostly his stomach hurt- the Spirit clearly had been forgoing food for some time now. Even if he had eaten something, it hadn’t been enough, and Ryou turne

It was a surprise when he felt a tug behind his ribcage. Usually when Yugi hadn’t given him control, he’d wander around the endless maze of his soul room, exploring for secrets of his past or something to pass the time. It had never deliberately tried to pull at him, so curiosity drove him to follow it, like a line of red thread through a forest.

He walked through doors and around ceilings. until he was deep within t

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I'm having his fangirls getting pushy and having him come over for dinner, only they're not telling him that they will be having him for dinner ;D
Pic will have a naked Ryou in a platter with the girls drooling at the feast before them, I'll do some write up on the events leading up to it <3


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Do you want to know what the comission I'm currently waiting for is about? ;D


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There's more of it incoming, I'm currently waiting for a comission :D


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