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Megan Jameson was plotting. She was plotting revenge against her snot-nosed little brother for disrespecting her. It had been just over a week since he had shoved her to the ground after sucking their middle sister Lisa up his ass. She had waited this long because revenge was best served cold. And she was a cold,


“Sooo, how was the wedding?” Lisa asked after she finally broke the reunion hug she grabbed Sarah up into Monday morning. She had dropped her bag and sprinted across the school’s commons to say hello as soon as she found her.

“Hi to you too, crazy. It was great, they did this whole photo shoot on the big waterslide, you know the one on the ads for the park, and they got
soaking wet
. It was really cute

Lisa and Sarah had spent nearly every weekend together since they had discovered their new relationship. Lisa had managed to get inside her girlfriend in all the ways she was aware of, except for anally. For some reason, even though she came out that way most of the time, Sarah could never loosen up enough for her to go in that way. They had tried time and again, but Sarah just couldn't relax enough whenever they tried. One Thursday Lisa had an idea. When she and Sarah met for lunch she would gi

sat in his favorite spot in his favorite Starbucks reading. It was
late in the afternoon, and the thick glass windows insulated him from
the hustle and bustle of the city streets. It was always quiet here
at this time of day, which suited Alex just fine. He grew up in a
quiet suburb nearby and he had never really gotten used to the sheer
amount of noise here; his little corner by the door let him watch
people go by and enjoy the rare silence. People would occasionally
come in with a large o

Gavin had been waiting all month for this concert. Violent Violet was finally going to play in town. She was the sexiest, angriest, baddest badass punk rock bitch in the world. He had been listening to Violent Violet and The Appetite for months since a friend loaned him their debut album, and he loved their hardcore take no prisoners attitude. The lead singer could shriek like a banshee and sing like and angel.


Michael had been largely trying to forget the everything about what happened that day in the bathroom, and he had had some success until Lisa came home inside one of her friends one day after school. For days afterwards, all he could think about was that bulging gut full of his sister, and how
great that must have felt. He could sympathize, but he had never had a willing occupant, so he couldn’t be sure.

And wh

Sarah and Lisa were sitting at lunch one day, sharing a bag of candies, a few weeks after Lisa had failed "The Test." Word had got around that she was the first to ever survive failing, and she had been assaulted with questions. She had sworn to Rory not to breathe a word about it, she didn't want to spoil another predator's hunting grounds. Mostly she gave vague answers, or just said that it was something weird and wild. Rory too had been under

not fair Sarah, why does Alan hate me?” Lisa pouted into her hands
at the lunch table. Lisa had just gotten a text message from her now
ex-boyfriend Alan saying that he wanted to see other people. Sarah
sighed and looked up from her phone at Lisa.

dunno, Lis, maybe because he's scared you were gonna eat him?” she
snorted between bites of her mostly cooked chicken sandwich.
Honestly, Lisa was such a drama queen.
was not!” Lisa snapped, stomping her feet under the table.

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I'm torn between two ideas.

I figured since I can't decide, I could turn to my reader(s) for their opinions.


Megan getting some revenge on Michael for shoving her


Rory and Sarah finding out that Michael and Lisa got up to some dirty business over the weekend

What do you think?

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Posted by DontTellMyWife 2 weeks ago

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I'm enjoying the Something...series but I mostly enjoy consensual vore.


Posted by Atinik 2 weeks ago

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Thanks ^^ though I'm not done reading, the story is very nice :D


Posted by Wanderingspirit1333 1 month ago

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Cant wait to read it


Posted by Wanderingspirit1333 1 month ago

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Do you do unbirth stories?


Posted by JackMeoff135 3 months ago

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Your quite welcome, thanks for the lovely smut!


Posted by PregnantFerret 4 months ago

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Thank you!


Posted by Xulali 4 months ago

I appreciate the watch!


Posted by Xenophage17 4 months ago

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No worries


Posted by 2quick4u 5 months ago

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I love "willing but reluctant" vore of all kinds. Especially incest, relationships, or alien. Thought i much prefer women, herms, or androgynous preds.


Posted by CassyInko 6 months ago

Thanks alot for the watch! ^_^


Posted by OmaeWaMoShindeiru 6 months ago

Thanks for watching me!

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Posted by linthia 6 months ago

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No problem :3 And I'd say incestual vore :xp

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