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It had been a busy day. Daisy Andrews, now legally Daisy Ryan had just gotten married. She and her new husband Kyle Ryan had been married in the early morning at the park by a field of wildflowers. Kyle was only 20 and Daisy was only a year older, there had been no small amount of grumbling from Daisy’s mother about them both being too young, but you can't argue with love.

Daisy and Kyle had gone straight to the courthouse to get their marriage certifi

Dr. Helen Jameson sighed. She'd barely gotten Rory back to his room and hard-locked the door with her personal override before her tablet was pinged with a maximum priority alert. The Director herself required her attention. Fuck.

She briskly finished up the preliminary work for Rory's first drainage specimen to undergo a full-spectrum analysis and start packaging it up to be shipped to all the different labs eager for a sample to begin experimenting with. A


It had been a fairly uneventful afternoon in the Life Firm ‘Taste’ Lab. Sam had checked in that morning for a routine weigh-in after the belly dual she’d had with Delilah last week. She had eaten six women with a combined weight of almost seven hundred fifty pounds, and had then had

“So, Mom, you know how Mrs. Jameson works for that big drug company?” Rory brought up suddenly over dinner. Of course dinner at the Roberts house meant Rory was sitting on the couch eating his dinner while his mother knelt on the floor in front of him vigorously blowing him. Since that night he and Michael had accidentally gotten her involved in their fucking, she’d been badgering Rory about getting another taste of his thick man-syrup. It had taken her almost two weeks to conv

For several weeks after Megan's demise Michael kept himself and Rory out of the house as often as possible. They would go to the movies or the arcade just to hang out away from Michael's mom. Rory didn't care one way or the other, but he didn't want Michael stressing out about it so he never complained. He had been patient with Michael since they’d put away his older sister, but he could only stand the blue-ball treatment for so long. Vore-related shenanigans didn't even cross his mind he j

Megan Jameson was plotting. She was plotting revenge against her snot-nosed little brother for disrespecting her. It had been just over a week since he had shoved her to the ground after sucking their middle sister Lisa up his ass. She had waited this long because revenge was best served cold. And she was a cold,


“Sooo, how was the wedding?” Lisa asked after she finally broke the reunion hug she grabbed Sarah up into Monday morning. She had dropped her bag and sprinted across the school’s commons to say hello as soon as she found her.

“Hi to you too, crazy. It was great, they did this whole photo shoot on the big waterslide, you know the one on the ads for the park, and they got
soaking wet
. It was really cute

Lisa and Sarah had spent nearly every weekend together since they had discovered their new relationship. Lisa had managed to get inside her girlfriend in all the ways she was aware of, except for anally. For some reason, even though she came out that way most of the time, Sarah could never loosen up enough for her to go in that way. They had tried time and again, but Sarah just couldn't relax enough whenever they tried. One Thursday Lisa had an idea. When she and Sarah met for lunch she would gi

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wizkid17's Blog - Restoration 100 Posted 3 years ago

Happily I can announce that "Alex and April" and "The beginning of something strange" are back and ready to be enjoyed again

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Posted by supersaiyango 1 year ago Report

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Also maybe some turned tables where the pred becomes the prey


Posted by supersaiyango 1 year ago Report

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Well i would like seeing more smaller pred eating bigger prey


Posted by wizkid17 1 year ago Report

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And for the watch! Anything you like to see more of?


Posted by Archer021 1 year ago Report

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ay, this one https://aryion.com/g4/view/662531

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Posted by Americanman5 1 year ago Report

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No probs!


Posted by Cl0n3 2 years ago Report

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No problem!


Posted by CrazedHyena 2 years ago Report

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Thanks for your stories! I always am kept at the edge of my seat reading them


Posted by grz01 3 years ago Report

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My pleasure, just keep those wonderful works coming please :-)


Posted by Oligan 3 years ago Report

Thanks for the watch !! ^-^

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Posted by BlondeBellySam 3 years ago Report

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You’re welcome


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meow >W<

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Thanks as well!

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