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Let's Try It! (Starcross Anal Vore Comic) By Starcrossing -- Report

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It’s been far too long since Starcross was featured in her own anal vore comic, and I felt like it was time to change that. I decided to depict Star and her friend doing some experimenting with anal vore after their last experience took them both a little off guard.


I guess you could also consider this a special thanks to all of you guys for helping me reach over 600 tumblr followers, $500 on Patreon and nearly 2,000,000 views for my work here on Eka’s Portal. I’m so glad you all like my stuff so much and I appreciate all the support. There’s plenty more on the way. :)

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Posted by IndifferentEmpath 6 years ago Report

Really nice comic, love her face in panel 4.


Posted by Starcrossing 6 years ago Report

Thanks! That took me forever to get right. Glad it turned out okay.


Posted by CG22 6 years ago Report

Very good.
excellent job.


Posted by Wolfwood 6 years ago Report

Just fine indeed ^^
Great comic!


Posted by EmissaryOfRainbows 6 years ago Report

Very great stuff, damn <3


Posted by Anotherkitsune 6 years ago Report

c: the best kind of friends.


Posted by Servothehusky 6 years ago Report

for a small hole, it can sure fit big things


Posted by maxpayne98 6 years ago Report

This is amazing Starcrossing


Posted by TheAllSeeingEye 6 years ago Report

Again, lovely work on this Star! Cant wait to see more >w< hehe


Posted by Ridwanwolf 6 years ago Report

so I heard you were giving out anal voring lessons?


Posted by Liz 6 years ago Report

I normally enjoy AV much but you do it so well :)


Posted by RavenXeo 6 years ago Report

She is so beautiful...
I really need more Starcross in my life..<3


Posted by Slimeking 6 years ago Report

Excellente. :3


Posted by WPBcrazy 6 years ago Report

how much are commissions?


Posted by HungryScorpion 6 years ago Report

Wow. Amazing.


Posted by jackson22222 6 years ago Report

And thus, what first began as a shock to Starcorss so long ago, now comes full circle with her first encounter, and this time, she loves it.

Nice work on the comic. Looks real good.


Posted by ublover1 6 years ago Report

damn muuuuuur!!!! <3


Posted by Trexthepony 6 years ago Report

I wanna be her fat


Posted by WritingZeal 6 years ago Report

This is just lovely...


Posted by chobitzrabbit 6 years ago Report

omfg I'm so turned on!
I love starcross


Posted by Stunlocked 6 years ago Report

Instant favourite!

Man, I think this is my favourite kind of vore!


Posted by Hunted 6 years ago Report

Oh wow, this was amazing!

I think this is the first time we see into her anus, I love how your art has evolved over time.

Keep it up!


Posted by CGR-7 6 years ago Report

That's a well-toned sphincter you have there, Starcross. =)


Posted by NeoXtreme 6 years ago Report

Been following Stars Anal Adventures from step one and loved every second of it, from a shy little cutie to a confident anal predator who has the sexiest curves possible.


Posted by Exdeath27 6 years ago Report

One of the best AV i have seen for so long (y) thank you for sharing your awesome work :)


Posted by Nightcrawler99 6 years ago Report

Normally, I don't much care for AV and stick mostly to UB, however this one is an exception.
Not only that but it is also BRILLIANTLY done!
NICE Job!^^

Now if only there were people doing UB comics like this, then I'd be in absolute heaven.
Oh well, guess I'll just have to keep dreaming.^^


Posted by NekuTheEmo 6 years ago Report

The level of detail and over all beauty of this comic is what I strive for. You're an inspiration ^^


Posted by Blackers 6 years ago Report



Posted by ShadesofBlack 6 years ago Report

So envious of Starcross. If I could do this, and have fun with it with my friends like she does... Wonderful comic!


Posted by linthia 6 years ago Report

She will be released ? Really , it's a very NICE comic !


Posted by ShadowHawk 6 years ago Report

Is it my turn yet?


Posted by AzurePheonix 6 years ago Report

Read this comic in reverse to have yourself a full tour.


Posted by SillyGirl1992 6 years ago Report

Just wonderful, I can't think of much more to say then that~


Posted by justinisgreat 6 years ago Report

OMG!!! I love this so much!!!


Posted by ThisGuyisStupid 6 years ago Report

wait, how does the clothing not expand along with her torso? Good job on the comic!


Posted by Bright 6 years ago Report

Very cute comic.

I really love the face expression in panel 4. It's cute mixed with aroused.


Posted by CoolKaios 6 years ago Report

Wohhh amazing! Love the colors here
The sequencing is also very good


Posted by Stunlocked 6 years ago Report

It is kind of hard to see the prey's mood or expressions since her face was shown in only one panel and even there half of her face is covered by her hand. Starcross really seems to be enjoying it

This is one of my favourites and I'm sure I'll come to this page many, many times


Posted by Sharktooth987 6 years ago Report

Where the part where they were takin by supprise


Posted by justinisgreat 6 years ago Report

This is so amazing


Posted by Turbotowns 6 years ago Report

Lovely~ I'm so glad patron showed me you.


Posted by Karsap 5 years ago Report

Last time they anal vore it was a accident and freaking the both of them out what dose the friend mean?


Posted by All_The_Way_In 5 years ago Report

I want to be next...


Posted by All_The_Way_In 5 years ago Report

It's missing the point when her boobs start going in and stretch Star's anus even more. Seeing her friend slowly emerg would be great as well.


Posted by Sharktooth 4 years ago Report

So did you draw the first time they are talking about?


Posted by NukeJr 3 years ago Report

Not usually my style but that was hot and well done.


Posted by Deankingemperor 3 years ago Report

shit how she do this without being so sensitive to the pain


Posted by heli572 2 years ago Report

And now we know, what happened last time :)


Posted by wasteofoxygen 5 months ago Report

so this and chapter 2 are both ‘their second time’ apparently


Posted by Starcrossing 5 months ago Report

This comic is no longer canon unfortunately!