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More Ashe By Shyguy9 -- Report

Ashe, your depressed, obsessed, possessed, self-esteem-so-low-she-feels-threatened-by-every-cute-girl-who-looks-at-you-funny dragon girlfriend.

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Posted by Lurker45 2 months ago Report

She may have lived if she wasn't so stacked and caused jealously in reptile with no mammary glands.


Posted by ChaoskampfNunc 2 months ago Report

I really do love her so much honestly, such a lovely and interesting character. And of course long throat bulges are absolutely incredible <3


Posted by Slimshod 2 months ago Report

Aaawww poor gal. She deserves belly hugs.


Posted by Jinxopow 2 months ago Report

That’ll blow her cover


Posted by doomed 2 months ago Report

sheesh she needs some therapy otherwise any woman who looks too long at her boyfriend is gonna die lmao


Posted by ImmortalPrey 2 months ago Report

Let's hope the therapist isn't a woman then.


Posted by JMTFS 2 months ago Report

There's a story about that. It didn't end well.


Posted by marceber 2 months ago Report

This is great. I was totally expecting her to be moving her up and down here throat as she tried to decide if eating her or not, but Ashe seems to only take things down.

Love the character, cute in a rather unique way.


Posted by Lurker45 2 months ago Report

This set-up would make for an interesting disposal aftermath.


Posted by nanakra 2 months ago Report

Yes. Yes it would and now I want to see it. <3


Posted by KheraTheWolf 2 months ago Report

Aw, she's so cute! I want to give her a hug! That new prey-filled belly would make it an even better hug too.


Posted by Kasra 2 months ago Report

I find this far funnier than I probably should. Ashe is wonderful, even if she doesn't believe it!


Posted by The_Prof 2 months ago Report

sadly since she lacks boobs that prey is mostly going to go straight to her ashe


Posted by SilentViewer 2 months ago Report

That girl ever get a chance to start a family?


Posted by RoTheHuman 2 months ago Report

Aww, it's so sad to see such an unhappy pred like that.

And I guess it kinda sucks for the prey too? Eh, she should get over herself and enjoy being digested >.>


Posted by Gelenor 2 months ago Report

That not how unwilling prey works. Most people don't like dying in total agony unable to persue their hopes and dreams.


Posted by RoTheHuman 2 months ago Report

Don't like dying in burning agony? Well, sure, I guess some people are weird like that ????


Posted by RoTheHuman 2 months ago Report

I tried to put a winking tongue out emoji in my comment but it didn't work. So instead pretend those four question marks are a ;-D


Posted by Bigmackgamer303 1 month ago Report



Posted by assassin 2 months ago Report

absolutely fucking love this holy shit.


Posted by LillyTheLovely 2 months ago Report

I fucking love ashe so much. I wanna cuddle her.


Posted by Assassinmaster62 2 months ago Report

Existential dread alert.


Posted by Bright 2 months ago Report

Nicely drawn slime insides.
Also nice angle at the bottom panel.


Posted by Dest 2 months ago Report

Girl needs anti-depressants


Posted by AnAccount 2 months ago Report

Id rather the jealous villain stay sad >:)


Posted by Ghostdragon 2 months ago Report

Such a poor, cute, lovely lass with so many burdening thoughts!


Posted by Wyvern14 2 months ago Report

Thank god she was there to protect me from that hussy!


Posted by Kabei 2 months ago Report

That is a great throat shot! Love it!


Posted by gigaredpanther 2 months ago Report

Aww. Poor precious thing. She really could use some reassuring words and bellyrubs. And handholding and cuddles. A big cute apex predator like her deserves to feel special.

...Oh, and RIP whatshername I guess. I mean she's not dead yet and could probably be saved. But ehh. Who cares?


Posted by Gorgrath177 2 months ago Report

Awwww poor little dragon. Don’t worry, your boyfriend loves giving tummy rubs and cuddles. :3


Posted by ElJorro 2 months ago Report

This is weird.


Posted by LightSpeed 2 months ago Report

Awwwwwww... I Just wanna give her hugs and appreciation. =<


Posted by mibankai1171 2 months ago Report

Nice comic ^_^


Posted by Savagerush012 2 months ago Report

Poor girl. Of all the guys to smile at she did it to the one with a dangerously insecure dragon for a girlfriend.


Posted by ArsonAverage 2 months ago Report

Well now i'm depressed


Posted by DrakeZephyr 2 months ago Report

I relate to her so much...


Posted by TheBeck 2 months ago Report

Aww! I wanna hug her so badly!


Posted by OrcaVoreIsBestVore 2 months ago Report

If there was anyone in desperate need of a reforming prey friend, it's Ashe. Someone who would gladly comfort her in her times of grief, both inside and out.


Posted by ScrakeLord 2 months ago Report

I love every aspect of this.


Posted by vorefanatic314 2 months ago Report

Well this is just a whole new level of indulgence the likes of which I never considered. Hot damn Shyguy9, you really outdid yourself with this character! Great potential here.


Posted by jimjim12 2 months ago Report

now sex


Posted by Shirehorse7 2 months ago Report

I wouldn't care about starting a family as I'll be happy with just a simple dragon girl


Posted by Saiai 2 months ago Report

She clearly hasn't been on the internet, she'd find that her BF is with her because some of us want plump shy dragons rather than other humans.


Posted by MaskedSinner 2 months ago Report

I can relate to stuffing myself with food and feeling like a fucking pig


Posted by Very 2 months ago Report

I love the tragedy here. Also Ashe looks so miserable someone could sleep in the bags under her eyes.


Posted by Skelebro3 2 months ago Report

big dergy just needs a hug!


Posted by Ixtili 2 months ago Report

Wonder what would happen if she swallowed a girl who was actually into it. On the one hand it'd probably freak her out. On the other hand knowing a girl she thought was cute enough to be threatening thinks she's hot in her own way would likely be an ego boost. But ya know willing prey is rare in this more dramatic setting. So maybe she'd just ride the high once and then feel even emptier after realising she just killed someone who made her feel good about herself. I'm sorry if that's a dark scenario. But the concept of depressed predator is interesting.


Posted by pofitlo 2 months ago Report

implied fatal... so interesting teg


Posted by Dragonjaj 2 months ago Report

her boyfriend needs to hug her more!


Posted by TheDarkTraveler 2 months ago Report

Awww poor depressed dragon


Posted by Blace 2 months ago Report

**Pats her belly**
It'll all be okay. You're a beautiful girl TwT


Posted by nameless3 2 months ago Report

I love this character


Posted by Shitmuncher47 2 months ago Report

More plz


Posted by Shitmuncher47 2 months ago Report

If I was her boyfriend I wouldn’t give 2 dams if she gets fat and personally think it’s hot that she eats people especially when she digests them I get to help and eat the left over products of them aka poo anyways I would help her find evil and screwed up people because they are salty and yummy and I would specifically target human trafficking and anthro trafficking because I know she cares


Posted by Bigmackgamer303 1 month ago Report

Bruh it was all okay till the shit eating part


Posted by Shitmuncher47 1 month ago Report

Leave me alone


Posted by Bigmackgamer303 1 month ago Report

sorry man didnt mean to offend you


Posted by Shitmuncher47 3 weeks ago Report

It’s ok hugs I’m sorry I thought you were attacking me I’m sorry huggles


Posted by Shitmuncher47 3 weeks ago Report

I don’t hate you at all


Posted by Gepfu 1 month ago Report

One of your best drawings ever!