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They say a picture is worth a thousand words, well, sadly I can't do pictures... really wish I could, but I can't... so I guess I'll have to do it the other way ^.=.^; pity, but, given the length of my stories, it's got to be about equal to a comic strip, right? Heh, if anybody ever wants to ask me about my worlds or characters, if I've made something unclear... or, want to maybe ask for something, or even just want to see what poking a draggy gets them, then PM me! I'm kinda shy.. but I like making new friends, and I only eat some of them...

My lovely avatar courtesy of dragon_lady, a fine artist, and a gorgeous dragon in her own right ^.=.^

I'm on Patreon now https://www.patreon.com/user?u=9679574 So if you want to support me, help keep me writing or, encourage me to write more regularly, check it out

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The Den of Dari’Karra; The Empress and Dari

“Mm… right there” Weavera crooned, stretching her long body out on the nest of cushions she settled into so comfortably. Twitches in the tendrils at her jaw spoke of the delight shooting up her spine from the tender work of her, little servant.

She opened an eye, glancing down herself. Settled in the crescent shape of her chamber she ha

Risks of Research

When Zorian found time, between hunting, keeping her sister in check, patrolling the borders of her, territory for two, sleeping and of course, stalking the little morsels who walked a little too far from her sister’s protective wings she liked to settle on a crag that burst up from the trees, and idly watch the humans.

They were not particularly special in that regard. She had wa

First Contact of the Merafel

The crackle of gunfire lit the night, a flurry of the small scaled winged things that colonised the planet’s trees taking wing and scattering. But then the night was still again.

“Geez… gave me a heart attack” One shadow in the darkened trees murmured, eyes cast to the direction of his companion’s fire “eww…”

Times of new growth

“No, you don’t hold the bow like that” Triel sighed, pressing the fingers of his left hand into his forehead for a moment, enforcing calm on himself before looking to the youth manhandling his first bow…

“Legs apart, keep the bow close. You’re not throwing the arrow, nor are you stabbing, in fact, forget the arrow completely”

The dark Alley

It was an all but forgotten corner of the town, where Mark skulked on his way to his evening’s entertainment. All in all, he doubted anyone here would care about his presence, but still, he kept himself quiet as he moved through. The place was forgotten, but far from abandoned. It was a vicious cycle the region was caught in. As it drifted from the eye of the town at large, shadowy dealings crept in, which f

Rheal the Exiled

It was delicate work, the piecing together of broken pottery, particularly in this case. Johan could feel the ache of fatigue on mind and spirit as he carefully glued another piece into the reassembled pot. It was tedious work, stressful work. Largely because he had no care about the artistic value of the pot, what he wanted was the words that had been carved into it.

Mottled brown, the pot was from a dig out to the east of the c

Grackle; Ralin’s Final Stand

“Damn it!” Ralin couldn’t help but waste breath on the curse as he felt the change of air pressure… a moment before he wove to the side, dragon jaws snapping shut where he had been. Still… as the head retreated, he caught the faintest sound of a rumble… Grackle was playing with his food… the dragon was confident this time… not without reason.

Triel regarded, with notable disappointment, the… pitiful meal he had before him. It was his share, and while once, when he was smaller it might have felt suitable, after a day in the woods, it felt decidedly meagre…

The times of plenty were long past. Now was the worst time of the year. The trees had stopped bearing fruit, the animals had begun to ebb from their growth in numbers thanks to constant hunting, and it was becoming time to settle down and endur

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On the urging of... someone, I've tried to throw together a discord server with no experience and barely any knowledge of how discord works. The problems are endless... however, if anyone... and some of you know who you are, wish a little corner of the internet to chat about thoughts, opinions and theories about any of my dragons or worlds or so on... or just drift into general discussions only tangentally related... now you have a place!


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