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They say a picture is worth a thousand words, well, sadly I can't do pictures... really wish I could, but I can't... so I guess I'll have to do it the other way ^.=.^; pity, but, given the length of my stories, it's got to be about equal to a comic strip, right? Heh, if anybody ever wants to ask me about my worlds or characters, if I've made something unclear... or, want to maybe ask for something, or even just want to see what poking a draggy gets them, then PM me! I'm kinda shy.. but I like making new friends, and I only eat some of them...

My lovely avatar courtesy of dragon_lady, a fine artist, and a gorgeous dragon in her own right ^.=.^

I'm on Patreon now https://www.patreon.com/user?u=9679574 So if you want to support me, help keep me writing or, encourage me to write more regularly, check it out

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With weary hands the village’s doctor placed a new candle into place, a flicker of light from the previous, dying candle flaring it into life, illuminating the inside of his meagre house.

“I’m not the right man for this, Frederick” he muttered, shooting the, half comatose carpenter a forlorn look “I’m getting old, and truth be told I was never smart enough to learn this profession well…” he lifted a dried cloth from Freder

The Prince and Chandra

“Prince Rafael Teregis, First born of our country’s king, governor of the wild territories and future king”

“They don’t care, James” Rafael noted dismissively to his announcer. It wouldn’t stop the formalities, of course… but they were wasted on this place. Outside the window of his carriage was the second of the, disarray of hovels

The Den of Dari’Karra; Eternally third

There was no flying like stadium flying. The spin of the circuit dizzied the mind, the roaring crowd was a knife edge of distraction and encouragement… each dangerous in their own ways, each fought the careful control of the gryphons flying close, beak to tail. The confined air was like a weather system all its own, the eddies and flows governed by the powerful wings of the fli

Shadowing Leon

It was a small village Hannah lived in. The woods surrounded them, dark places one feared at night, but the source of all they needed. The evening was drawing in, but while the sky was lit with beautiful colour, the forest only grew darker. It was as if all the bright hues of the wild world were being drained out into the skies, leaving the cavern of trees gloomy and foreboding. Still, Hannah stood before the tree

Riskiest form of Lifestyle

“Need any nails today, Gavin?”

Gavin glanced up from the smith’s wares, a light shake of the head “no, but thank you. My life up there is about as normal as he’ll allow… and honestly, I couldn’t afford it. I just need a new blade”

The smith shrugged, returning to his work, letting Gavin browse. He frowned

The Eye of the Storm 4

“We just, found him like this” one of the fishermen explained, looking back down to their sprawled carpenter. Frederick had been found collapsed against the hull of the boat his sons had been building. Distant eyes and cold. A blanket and time had started to animate him, but nothing intelligible escaped his mouth.

From the crowd James watched, frozen in place and stunne

The Den of Dari’Karra; A new denizen

“I didn’t do it!” Rilan couldn’t keep the panic out of the screech. Unavoidably, his eyes shot down across the monster below. Long muzzle, gleaming scales. A lick of bright tongue across blue scales, the wet slurp sending a chill down his spine. The dragon was hungry.

The beast sat at the bottom of a cliff, and he, on a thin board suspend

The Eye of the Storm 3

“I’d like to thank you all for coming” Frederick spoke before frowning a touch “that said had you not I’d considered you particularly foolish…” he sighed, scratching at his chin. This was such a mess. They never needed to gather so formally, they had had to gather in the warehouse… cobbled together a little more firmly than the rest of their homes, built be

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Greetings to the scant handful of people who might eventually bother to read a blog. As the title implies, I've joined Patreon https://www.patreon.com/user?u=9679574
The usual reasons, Life woes and such, the pressing need to eat. I won't bore you, long story short, it occurred to me, some of those who read my work might be willing to chip in a little, and a lot of littles... reaches a lot.
So the important bit, how will this effect those who view my work? You'll be glad to know, it'll be all positive. There will be nothing exclusive to Patreon, I'm not going to screw over my fanbase by suddenly charging for what I've been handing out. This is more... tip-jar than anything. What it does mean, is in...
[ Continued ... ]

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