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They say a picture is worth a thousand words, well, sadly I can't do pictures... really wish I could, but I can't... so I guess I'll have to do it the other way ^.=.^; pity, but, given the length of my stories, it's got to be about equal to a comic strip, right? Heh, if anybody ever wants to ask me about my worlds or characters, if I've made something unclear... or, want to maybe ask for something, or even just want to see what poking a draggy gets them, then PM me! I'm kinda shy.. but I like making new friends, and I only eat some of them...

My lovely avatar courtesy of dragon_lady, a fine artist, and a gorgeous dragon in her own right ^.=.^

I'm on Patreon now https://www.patreon.com/user?u=9679574 So if you want to support me, help keep me writing or, encourage me to write more regularly, check it out

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Vicarious Part 2

His own memories were so surreal, Quin noted as he leaned to the leg of a bench, looking out upon the… immense world. It had only been a week, give or take, since he remembered his old life. Or, well, since he and the… real, original Quin were one and the same. He still remembered that potent, depressed resignation, the decision to stop fantasising about ways to bring his fetishes to life, to accep

Short Stories of the Dragonring: Merchantary

It was the most devious of rain that cascaded onto the long blunt muzzle of the dragon sitting just outside of Lia’ter. Water came down in a fine mist, so fine he could barely feel it against his scales. But the air was thick with it. In no time at all he was soaked and cold. He hated the rain, he reflected as he hunched his shoulders down, curling up as much as he could while s

Zorian’s Date

Chandra woke, a faint rumbling moan as the echoes of sensation washed in at her mind. The solid stone beneath her scales, and a warm spot between her head and paw. She rubbed her jaw to the pleasant warmth, mind pleasantly adrift with no reason to uncurl herself. Then the warmth moved, little, floundering paws pushing to the firm edge of her jawline, digits slipping between her lips. Memory returned, and her

Short stories of the dragonring: a romantic digestion

Muriel fussed over her stall; a perplexed frown affixed to her lips as she tried to figure out what was wrong with the dispersal of her wares. She couldn’t put her finger on it, but it was bothering her none the less. In vain she adjusted the hats, rubbed creases from the shirts and adjusted for the fifteenth time that morning the collar on the fine sturdy jacket that w

The town of Lia’ter, translating in the older tongues as veined stone, sat on the north-western edge of the ring of civilisation that looped solidly around the untamed dragonlands. The reason for the naming of that place was a lot more obvious than that of Lia’ter.

The market was loud as usual, voices crying out fresh deals as competition stirred, the whiney of horses coming from the traveller’s quarter at the northern end of the long, open path that ra

The street felt cold against Quin’s back, barely dulling the ache developing in his lower back. In his defence, he reflected bitterly to himself, it shouldn’t have taken this long.

Above was the arc of the domed ceiling of the city, displaying the mock of a sunny day, faux birds glitching unevenly across its surface. More eye-catching were the spots where the display had failed, and instead revealed the ebony sky, speckled with gusts of red dust. His world wa

StormBlown Chapter 6

Cayas closed his eyes, lifting his head to let the wind play along his jaw and the sensitive markings that would glow so in the dark. It was a nice breeze for flying. He could feel his wings shivering with his deep longing to take to the sky again. But he knew better. Still, his wing didn’t hurt.

He opened an eye a crack to eye the arc of his wing. The scales l

“The City of Scalin” Rick mused to himself, wandering with his partner into the main square of the large settlement. It was a place he’d barely heard of, and certainly never visited. But work did allow him reason to travel, when the job was lucrative enough.

Scalin seemed a prosperous city, sure enough. The roads were finely carved stonework. Not exactly uniform, in fact, in some places it seemed almost patterned. All was the same, off-white stone. The

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On the urging of... someone, I've tried to throw together a discord server with no experience and barely any knowledge of how discord works. The problems are endless... however, if anyone... and some of you know who you are, wish a little corner of the internet to chat about thoughts, opinions and theories about any of my dragons or worlds or so on... or just drift into general discussions only tangentally related... now you have a place!


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I notice you do a lot of fatal vore but do not show the digestion, part of me thinks if you clearly do fatal vore, you should go all the way and do graphic digestion.

Granted I am hardly a expert or Authority.


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