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They say a picture is worth a thousand words, well, sadly I can't do pictures... really wish I could, but I can't... so I guess I'll have to do it the other way ^.=.^; pity, but, given the length of my stories, it's got to be about equal to a comic strip, right? Heh, if anybody ever wants to ask me about my worlds or characters, if I've made something unclear... or, want to maybe ask for something, or even just want to see what poking a draggy gets them, then PM me! I'm kinda shy.. but I like making new friends, and I only eat some of them...

My lovely avatar courtesy of dragon_lady, a fine artist, and a gorgeous dragon in her own right ^.=.^

I'm on Patreon now https://www.patreon.com/user?u=9679574 So if you want to support me, help keep me writing or, encourage me to write more regularly, check it out

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TDoDK: The other Den of Dari’Karra

The golden muzzle rested on a strewn paw, Dari’s belly looking wider than ever, sprawled to the floor of his cavern. He cast his own flank a long, silent look as he waited. It was curious. He envied the slimmer dragons he met, sleek and regal. Yet his, being so well fed seemed attractive to some, a badge of skill, he supposed… The golden dragon sighed deeply. A dragon would n

Stormblown Chapter 4

The two-legged hunters were vigilant, Cayas noted as he pressed himself a bit lower to the ground, keeping his focus on the lone of the bipedal primates. The posture really was, shockingly upright. No tail for balance, but yet, the very lack of that was likely what allowed them to be so, straight up. No need to lean forward to counterbalance a tail, but no tail to adjust their balance. Till now, he hadn&rsqu

TDoDK; Here thar be dragons

The sea was in a pleasant mood today. Not calm. He’d never trust the sea when it was calm. But the tide was even and soothing, rocking the weathered boat back and forth. He could feel the sea through the deck beneath him, batting the ship playfully. The strength of even that basic play shot up his arm as he held the wheel to keep their course.

“You called, captain?”


Stormblown Chapter 3

How his wing ached. No amount of willpower could free Cayas’s focus of that throb. Even with the growl in his belly and the sight of a herd of the, horned prey he’d sampled before. He had been in luck. Facing the morning, he had heard them close, and stalked in for his breakfast. But his wing… the pain that ached in it was so much more than the day before… had he managed to sleep on

TDoDK; Nerves to overcome

Kir laid strewn on his back in the cosy room he called home, stirring as sunlight peeked through his solitary window to splay across his bare chest. The zaipu yawned a bit, tufted tail flicking against the smoothed wooden floor. He was a lithe creature, skin a yellowed brown, hair the colour of fresh dirt. Sprightly and fit. An unassuming and common zaipu.

Slowly he sat as the h

First Contact of the Merafel; Part three (finale)

“This will not stand” the first queen hissed, her antennae twitching in agitation as she considered the round room the queens settled in. Simple perhaps, but a place of practicality… Seven seats, built to blueprint by their mera in the deepest cavern of the colony. Two seats were empty. “This has ceased to be a matter of efficiency and best use… th

Stormblown; Chapter 2

Cayas woke with a slow yawn, hesitating before stretching his wings. The throb of pain in one of them was sobering, and a harsh reminder. The storm, lost at sea… and the strange new place he had washed up. He allowed himself a long, dismal moment of self-pity, sprawled in the cavern. The stiffness in his joints when he moved was enough to convince him that laying on the cold, hard stone all day would

TDoDK; The prisoner of Diet

It was an injustice, that he was here. So Vergil thought to himself as he stared at the solid door to and from his prison cell. He knew in his heart he’d done nothing wrong… not that they’d agree, hence the bars and concrete. He was hungry, painfully hungry. But that would change soon.

A light rattle at the door preceded the sole slot in it opening. Though n

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On the urging of... someone, I've tried to throw together a discord server with no experience and barely any knowledge of how discord works. The problems are endless... however, if anyone... and some of you know who you are, wish a little corner of the internet to chat about thoughts, opinions and theories about any of my dragons or worlds or so on... or just drift into general discussions only tangentally related... now you have a place!


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