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They say a picture is worth a thousand words, well, sadly I can't do pictures... really wish I could, but I can't... so I guess I'll have to do it the other way ^.=.^; pity, but, given the length of my stories, it's got to be about equal to a comic strip, right? Heh, if anybody ever wants to ask me about my worlds or characters, if I've made something unclear... or, want to maybe ask for something, or even just want to see what poking a draggy gets them, then PM me! I'm kinda shy.. but I like making new friends, and I only eat some of them...

My lovely avatar courtesy of dragon_lady, a fine artist, and a gorgeous dragon in her own right ^.=.^

I'm on Patreon now https://www.patreon.com/user?u=9679574 So if you want to support me, help keep me writing or, encourage me to write more regularly, check it out

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StormBlown Chapter 6

Cayas closed his eyes, lifting his head to let the wind play along his jaw and the sensitive markings that would glow so in the dark. It was a nice breeze for flying. He could feel his wings shivering with his deep longing to take to the sky again. But he knew better. Still, his wing didn’t hurt.

He opened an eye a crack to eye the arc of his wing. The scales l

“The City of Scalin” Rick mused to himself, wandering with his partner into the main square of the large settlement. It was a place he’d barely heard of, and certainly never visited. But work did allow him reason to travel, when the job was lucrative enough.

Scalin seemed a prosperous city, sure enough. The roads were finely carved stonework. Not exactly uniform, in fact, in some places it seemed almost patterned. All was the same, off-white stone. The

“Are you going to be alright, captain?”

Brock grunted in answer, hand rested to the weathered wooden railing around the edge of the main deck, closing his eyes and willing his stomach to settle. It was proving insubordinate

“Give me peace, James” he waved his navigator away with a slight brush of his hand “Fifteen years I’ve captained this ship, and not a lick of seasickness. The storm has set a whirlpool going

Reginald glanced up from the waning pool of drink in his mug when the, noisy pair entered. A child could have told you they weren’t from the frontier villages. Both look and manner were just, not seen here. Most notably how loudly they spoke.

“A real adventurer’s tavern, just like the tales” the woman of the two spoke with, unsettling passion

“Rather barren though” the man of the pair added, notably despondent

StormBlown Chapter 5

Cayas dragged his paws into the gloom of his cavern, light flickering from the fire that still burned. Sparing it a look, he grudgingly noted to himself that he’d have to drag in more wood for it. His regal head hung low with the weight of a carcass in his jaws. An odd, thick bodied prey thing he had found. Squat, oval body shape, stubby legs, but it seemed meaty enough. It put him in mind of a mammali

TDoDK: The other Den of Dari’Karra

The golden muzzle rested on a strewn paw, Dari’s belly looking wider than ever, sprawled to the floor of his cavern. He cast his own flank a long, silent look as he waited. It was curious. He envied the slimmer dragons he met, sleek and regal. Yet his, being so well fed seemed attractive to some, a badge of skill, he supposed… The golden dragon sighed deeply. A dragon would n

Stormblown Chapter 4

The two-legged hunters were vigilant, Cayas noted as he pressed himself a bit lower to the ground, keeping his focus on the lone of the bipedal primates. The posture really was, shockingly upright. No tail for balance, but yet, the very lack of that was likely what allowed them to be so, straight up. No need to lean forward to counterbalance a tail, but no tail to adjust their balance. Till now, he hadn&rsqu

TDoDK; Here thar be dragons

The sea was in a pleasant mood today. Not calm. He’d never trust the sea when it was calm. But the tide was even and soothing, rocking the weathered boat back and forth. He could feel the sea through the deck beneath him, batting the ship playfully. The strength of even that basic play shot up his arm as he held the wheel to keep their course.

“You called, captain?”


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On the urging of... someone, I've tried to throw together a discord server with no experience and barely any knowledge of how discord works. The problems are endless... however, if anyone... and some of you know who you are, wish a little corner of the internet to chat about thoughts, opinions and theories about any of my dragons or worlds or so on... or just drift into general discussions only tangentally related... now you have a place!


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