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TRANSFORMERS VORE FOR THE WIIIIIIN!!!! Hey there I'm predaking54 or Reilly, Sypher graham on Facebook I'm an ok
Roleplayer on Facebook and a decent artist I usually work with making OC's and other fun stuff but I've never try'd to do vore art before even though I have made some prototypes I wouldn't think they would be worth posting on this site sadly so for now I'm here to love, support, and respect my fellow artists and fans of vore! I am also a prey usually in roleplays and I'm
Proud of it! X3

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Predaking54's Blog - I have a discord Posted 3 years ago

hey if any transformers/vore fan girls or guy's want to come and do a fun transformers vore game rp then please contact me each main canon character in it are both pred and prey.any vore type is allowed except hard its just not my kind of thing to bring to an rp but soft fast digestion is ok and light chewingand stuff is good as well. there are only 7 character spots open at the moment which are Arcee, moonracer, chromia, firestar, elita-1, slipstream, and Flamewar. I will send the pictures of the characters you want to play to you in PM or on discord so if transformers vore fan is interested please contact me soon :)

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Posted by MrDimension 8 months ago Report

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You're welcome! I figured it was you which is why I watched back haha


Posted by Loonnyx 9 months ago Report

Thanks for the Fav!!


Posted by Azuris 1 year ago Report

Thanks for the watch!

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Posted by UnknownPerson9876 2 years ago Report

Many thanks for the fav!

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Posted by Hestia042 2 years ago Report

Thanks for expressing your interest in my voice.

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Posted by Solmaximuta 2 years ago Report

Danke Schon for the watch!


Posted by gachabork 2 years ago Report

Thanks for the watch.

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Posted by Nalzindar 2 years ago Report

Thank you for the watch^^


Posted by dolnamker 2 years ago Report

thankyou for the watch


Posted by dolnamker 2 years ago Report

thanks for the favorits i hope you enjoy more of my work in the future


Posted by demonster77 3 years ago Report

Thanks for the watch!


Posted by StormyGem 3 years ago Report

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He doesn't

I wasted time

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