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Hiya my name is Sephie! I live in the Indiana US and work at Meijer as a manager for general merchandise. I love vore, ALL vore. The more descriptive the better. Don't get me wrong I would enjoy being swallowed whole IRL way too much! I happen to be a male who is a lady. I am transitioning MTF and probably won't get the surgery or anything as it is super invasive. I like wearing women's clothing and look damn good from what I have been told. Now been transitioning for about a year and a half and I am looking more and more feminine and sounding more feminine too! It's awesome!

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sephie's Blog - My vore achievements. Posted 3 years ago

So for about 15 years I have been trying all kinds of crazy and new things with my body some turning out great and one time turning out hospitalized. So I start out stretching my butt hole to actually allow my entire fist in there and that was an amazing night when that finally happened. By the time it did My wrist was incredibly sore for the twist i had to do. I now can do so much more with the gape now that i have had so many years experience. I can now take a plug that is about 3 inches in diameter.

Now that I have said my part about the width of my anal play now we can go into the depth of it. Since I started anal training i have seen some really intense pornos about women inserting dildos up into the depths of their bowels that I had wished i could do. After reaching the...
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