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Literal Teen Titan By BIGBIG -- Report

A while back I made some Harley queen fan art and in it these two where featured.
So why not give them a spotlight for them?
That top is a total disaster on Raven. She should wear something "metal" next time
Anyways. So this is my take on these two

2. april 2020:
Meanwhile Im working on The new comic.
Coming slowly but REEEAAALLLY nicely :3

Jill's MOM 2 OUT NOW!!!
F/FFF Unbirth, Oral vore, and lots of other!

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Posted by ChaoskampfNunc 8 months ago Report

The biggest tiddy goth gf


Posted by Suibelly 8 months ago Report

I just want to know what the Fish button on the vending machine will give me. Fish flavored soda? Fish chips? A live aquatic creature? Who knows!


Posted by TheDarkStar 8 months ago Report

Based on their surroundings, I'd like to think that it's one of those fish shaped pastry things they sell in Japan.

Big D

Posted by Big D 8 months ago Report

Oh God xD Screw you, you just made me crave some fish and chips xD.


Posted by BIGBIG 8 months ago Report

Its a secret button that will call this guy to your help -


Posted by Suibelly 8 months ago Report

Damn he's sexy


Posted by bobpaul 7 months ago Report

bit of a stretch but all I could think of was There She Is animated series


Posted by Crazyserpent 7 months ago Report



Posted by Gorgrath177 8 months ago Report

Those two are adorable. Although if Raven doesn’t let Starfire out she won’t be adorable for long. :p

8th Demon

Posted by 8th Demon 8 months ago Report

I dunno. Starfire can survive a lot of destructive power without taking much damage. Acid might not do much more than strip away her outfit. Plus she can fly unaided in space, so she clearly doesn't need to breathe either.


Posted by ArrowversePreds 8 months ago Report

Wow, this turned out fantastic! Starfire’s and Raven’s eyes look incredible in the last two panels.


Posted by Spider8Fiend 8 months ago Report

Oh gosh, I simply love this! I hope you draw more Raven and Starfire stuff soon, they look simply terrific in your art style!


Posted by Mewlover45 8 months ago Report


Big D

Posted by Big D 8 months ago Report

Hey BigB, awesome art as always. Will there be a part 2 to this?


Posted by ideaconnesuer 8 months ago Report

I kind of want to see the series of events that led to Raven reaching the size she is in this pic


Posted by wrl003tmp 7 months ago Report

I am also interested in this series of events.


Posted by ThatOneGuy75 8 months ago Report

Gotta say, I'm definitely loving these DC inspired artworks. I've missed 'em since your Poison Ivy work, and now there's so much more!

Certainly can't wait to see if there's a part 2 to this one. Or, perhaps, one based on another DC gal pred at some point. Copperhead, Huntress, Talia al Ghul...


Posted by joe354 8 months ago Report

great work BB, focus on that COMIC!!!


Posted by BIGBIG 8 months ago Report

I am ;)


Posted by TheUnitCircle 8 months ago Report

This is great!~


Posted by Daduke 8 months ago Report

Oh I love it! this looks amazing!

The Core

Posted by The Core 8 months ago Report

absolutely adorable look on Star's face, how could you not gobble her up.


Posted by Hentai7733 8 months ago Report

Raven is perfect on your art style


Posted by JohnnyF102 8 months ago Report

It’s amazing


Posted by JohnnyF102 8 months ago Report

Is there gonna be another part to this ?


Posted by Itstheone 8 months ago Report

Lol god dang dead pool lol


Posted by slinkinginshadows 8 months ago Report

This is so cute aaaaa


Posted by AfraArt 8 months ago Report

Glad to see Deadpool make a cameo in the DC universe, wonder what the rest of the post said though?


Posted by Sparkachu 8 months ago Report

The last panel feeling extra suggestive as to what is to come lol :)


Posted by NewRebellion 8 months ago Report

You know, it'd make a bit more narrative sense if it was Starfire (the alien of the group) who was the pred. But it's still a great little comic page!


Posted by Dudeox05 8 months ago Report

The rate at which you crank out these incredibly detailed pieces always blows me away. I also love the willing prey theme of late! Thanks for the awesome work as usual, BigBig!


Posted by DemonioBlanco 8 months ago Report

remember that even if the title is "Literal Teen titans" every character is over 18


Posted by BIGBIG 8 months ago Report

Isnt 18 a teen? Until 20


Posted by DemonioBlanco 8 months ago Report

dont know if it varies based on the region, but I guess if the number is "eightTEEN and NINETEEN" it still technically a teen


Posted by BIGBIG 7 months ago Report

That's why I said 20 is the limit...


Posted by BellyBustingKelli 8 months ago Report

I wonder how long after this it was before Harley got her snack?


Posted by glargicus 8 months ago Report

I've been really appreciating the attention you've been paying to chubby upper arms recently bigs.


Posted by RandomInjury 8 months ago Report

Based on this I get the feeling Raven wouldn't Fit in Harley.

8th Demon

Posted by 8th Demon 8 months ago Report

I'm now curious how long Starfire would last since she can survive going without a suit in space. Raven might end up with a long-term resident, which could lead to some vore-ception.


Posted by unar 8 months ago Report

Ждём предыстории и продолжения. (We are waiting for the background and continuation.)


Posted by TheSoulessGem 8 months ago Report

I can only beg for more, so, Please.


Posted by spidey 7 months ago Report

Love your superhero stuff. Maybe Power Girl or She hulk next?


Posted by samblackborn 7 months ago Report

i miss adjective noun combo


Posted by DARK13 7 months ago Report

Even Deadpool can't deny how hot is Raven :D


Posted by ArrowversePreds 7 months ago Report

Wow, I only just got the title. She is a Literal Titan because she’s massive, right?


Posted by Birichino 7 months ago Report

I think I prefer Raven winning based on this


Posted by GoTee1 7 months ago Report

I'd like to think Raven will restrain herself from eating Star. Mostly because then I get imagine the male members all trying and failing to hold Starfire back as she lustfully pulls herself towards Raven's room.


Posted by wrl003tmp 7 months ago Report

An alternate continuation of this would be starfire collecting so much food and people to feed to raven that she is stuffed far beyond what she thought her limits were.


Posted by Rhaegaldragon 7 months ago Report

Oh shame Raven didn't eat her already~


Posted by PhilipHarris 7 months ago Report

Oh damn... Raven has always been hot, and I’ve loved her as a pred, but this is so much better than anything I’ve seen! Your work is amazing, from the somewhat exaggerated proportions of people, to the massive, partially sludge filled guts, to the ripped or overstretched clothing... truly amazing.


Posted by SuperheroFood 7 months ago Report

Brilliant work, more please.


Posted by Avora111 7 months ago Report

Thank you for drawing this it's amazing I love raven as a pred aspeshly done in your style


Posted by Fancyguy9900 7 months ago Report

This is absolutely fantastic. I love your art so much


Posted by maxnine 7 months ago Report

these days im starting to find im enjoying the cuteness of your ladymances over the kink it self.


Posted by slimjam 7 months ago Report

I have to ask. If Raven is this big, how big is Harley? In Harley's appearances there isnt too much to show scale (her phone and clothes could be made specifically for her). If raven and starfire made only a small bulge (I would call it small in comparison with your other work) I would imagine Harley would have to be substantially larger?


Posted by BIGBIG 7 months ago Report

The two images doesn't quiet relate to each other


Posted by amyyy3 6 months ago Report

oh shit i wa nt someone to call me a shrimp now