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Sketch dump #1 By Rac0r -- Report

So I haven't been posting for a while now, but I've been sketching to hopefully find a drawing that catches my interest. No luck yet, but perhaps one day.

There are plenty other sketches than these, but those are more messy scribbles that don't really look like much, these are more close to finished and since I haven't been posting for a while now, I decided to at least put something out there to show that I ain't dead yet.

Hopefully you all enjoy *thumbs up emoji*

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Posted by Vorelicous 4 months ago Report

They're all amazing! But that top right swallowing one is an instant favorite of mine!


Posted by Dragonitas 4 months ago Report

I legit gasped in excitement to see you posting. Lovely work as always Rac, and don't worry about not finding a drawing that sticks with you, it'll eventually come!
Have you tried to perhaps try out different scenarios to place the characters into? Maybe something like a diferent time period, or weird locations that aren't usually thought of like a swamp in which a pred is taking a bath and the POV is from behind some bushes or under the dirty water, with the pred looking at the camera.
Just some quick brainstorming, I hope it helps you, you're an amazing artist!


Posted by Rac0r 4 months ago Report


Well that doesn't sound like an impossible idea. I have sometimes thought about some futuristic cyberpunk setting, maybe try something like that out sometimes. And that scenario you just described also sounds tempting


Posted by NotMax 4 months ago Report

Great work all around. Welcome back!


Posted by Sparkachu 4 months ago Report

Welcome back! We’re all glad youre back :)


Posted by 9kirby99 4 months ago Report

Great stuff! Love the Isabelle sketches!


Posted by Abrud 4 months ago Report

The first service animals were established in Germany during World War I. References to service animals date as far back as the mid-16th Century.
I write random facts on random posts,
sincerely, Demoman TF2


Posted by Rac0r 4 months ago Report

Go home, Demoman The Fuck 2! You're drunk as always! But much obliged for that info! *BIG thumbs up emoji*


Posted by Hivelord 4 months ago Report

Awesome work glad to see you are still alive an kicking.


Posted by RG9812 4 months ago Report

some of these are pretty dang good


Posted by kattu 4 months ago Report

I'm a simple person. I see Rac0r art, I click it, I love it.


Posted by Reiko 4 months ago Report

Gahhh, that cellphone scenario is a favorite of mine!


Posted by Rac0r 4 months ago Report

Agreed, one of my favorite scenarios. Should do more of them


Posted by MelancholyClownD 4 months ago Report

All lovely sketches especially the Elora one! What a happily stuffed Faun!


Posted by JackHereTheRealOne 4 months ago Report

Yeah, i'm with chief here. That is a nice Elora. Looks damn good for a simple sketch. Nice sketches all around tho obviously


Posted by davidgorm 4 months ago Report

dude, your drawings are awesome


Posted by CarnivorousVixen 4 months ago Report

Oh boy that Isabelle... Excellent


Posted by Robotdocter 4 months ago Report

always love seeing new stuff from you, even sketches like these, hope you find something fun that you also WANT to draw :)


Posted by golly88 4 months ago Report

It's been months and you come back with these amazing sketches.

Please, do take your time


Posted by Entity 4 months ago Report

Awesome stuff, loving these. Am glad you're back ^^ !!!


Posted by chaos12 4 months ago Report

Welcome back. Great job, as usual. :3


Posted by eltnevs 4 months ago Report

always nice to see you post


Posted by floopygoober 4 months ago Report

Wow I’m surprised you say none caught your interest yet they still look fantastic, I understand your focus may shift and that’s okay. I just wanted to say how fantastic these sketches were


Posted by Rac0r 4 months ago Report


Yeah, sometimes it's hard to keep my focus from not shifting from one idea to another.


Posted by floopygoober 4 months ago Report

Nothing wrong with that at least! Let’s you practice a variety of techniques and concepts :D


Posted by Nekochow 4 months ago Report

Those sketches towards the bottom look very promising as full pieces, and I really like the Isabelle picture where she's taking off a towel revealing her belly.

Is Elora eating MLP ponies in that sketch? Or are there similar looking horses in Spyro?


Posted by Rac0r 4 months ago Report

Yeah MLP's, haven't really played any of the Spyro games so I don't know much about them. I only saw a reanimated cutscene of Elora which prompted me to draw that.


Posted by Badfurson 3 months ago Report

Ooh! Elora! I didn't expect so many anthro characters from you in this; what a pleasant surprise!


Posted by Zikio 3 months ago Report

More Jasmine vore would be awsome :)


Posted by soline 3 months ago Report

Oh my gosh <3

I'm delighted to see you still around, alive and doodling! It's a shame you haven't found one to catch your interest, but I'm just plain happy to hear from you!

Also for 'messy scribbles' these are all pretty wonderful!


Posted by JamKat 3 months ago Report

Ooh, some good sketches here


Posted by jklq 1 month ago Report