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Little Candle By HipHugger -- Report

I want you to run.

I'm faster than you, but I don't want you to know that. No, not yet. I want the fear to spike your adrenaline and soak your clothing with sweat. I want you panting, exhausted to the point of collapse. That's when I'll have you. Because, my little candle, no matter how hard you run, I will burn out your wick and melt you inside me.

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Posted by FaerieDevil 1 year ago Report

I don't have a foot fetish...but


Posted by HipHugger 1 year ago Report

We'll get there ;)


Posted by FireRed2 1 year ago Report

Great work


Posted by Sarus 1 year ago Report

That's quite an original position.
Love it!


Posted by Paradox 1 year ago Report

The coloring looks out"standing" on this.


Posted by Bright 1 year ago Report

I haven't seen this position before, but I love it.


Posted by ThatBrassyGuy 1 year ago Report

God, that description is amazing! Really gets me going.

The pic is lovely too! I don't have a feet fetish, but here I make an exception.


Posted by TheKawaiiCommie 1 year ago Report

God has returned to us and her name is HipHugger.


Posted by Belloc 1 year ago Report

Seems like an especially good position for if your partner is noisy.


Posted by Anonymite 1 year ago Report

Ladies and gentlemen, HipHugger presents to you...

...69: Vore Edition!


Posted by VaguenessIncoming 1 year ago Report

She truly has become too powerful to contain!


Posted by balanced-guy 1 year ago Report

Well maybe for amateurs, I'm sure there's a way to get her into a box. XP


Posted by carlj 1 year ago Report

When you said to him "Let's do 69", but you are not eating just that one part of him XD


Posted by Ryujin 1 year ago Report

I've heard of knee on belly, but this position is new to me. Uppin' your control game, Hip. ;)

On a serious note, fantastic piece, a unique pose, great coloring, awesome shading, and dat text. Way to go! Exceptional!


Posted by driggsart 1 year ago Report

Wonder if she'll wrap her bellbottoms around his head while she swallows him ;-)


Posted by Monopolus 1 year ago Report

Geez your art is always awesome, it's like a drug.


Posted by TimeToRun 1 year ago Report

what you have written there is whole core aspect of vore what i like the most. The prey can try everything but the pred always wins in the end. lovely drawing btw.


Posted by Justsomeone 1 year ago Report

Oh my fuck
I love how the tits hang in this pic


Posted by HipHugger 1 year ago Report

You know what to do, Yankee.


Posted by Justsomeone 1 year ago Report

But I already... okay


Posted by JAnneBonne 1 year ago Report

This is... q-quite the position. Being smothered by bare feet while having one's own bare feet tickled by the pred's tongue and swallowed up...
I think HH is pulling me under her spell.


Posted by AnotherAnon 1 year ago Report

As a tantamount to your art, I'm gonna say I'm usually really not into human preds (I know she's not human, but she's pretty much indistinguishable), BUT you draw so well and in such a manner that I find your stuff irresistible.


Posted by torontofan 1 year ago Report

Ummm...I now have additional kinks


Posted by JohnnyF102 1 year ago Report

Is there gonna be a continuation


Posted by Narkotic 1 year ago Report

I don't think anyone can really resist anything she does~


Posted by Neptune909 1 year ago Report

The coloring on this piece is spectacular! I also dig the little neck bulge for his feet, amazing job!


Posted by Vilanda 1 year ago Report

OOOH! I am absolutely in love with the pose! Would LOVE to be smothered by those feet while being swallowed up all at once. Instant favorite! :D


Posted by HipHugger 1 year ago Report

Thank you, fellow succubus!


Posted by Art$avage 1 year ago Report

Nice job on the edge lighting, especially on the hands and toes. And that description, dear lord!


Posted by Umhuebr 1 year ago Report

The poses give me an ouroboros feel, although not quite there. Beautiful piece!


Posted by gamewiz71 1 year ago Report

Not really much of a foot-fetishist so to speak, but damn this is hot!


Posted by MelancholyClownD 1 year ago Report

That's a..interesting way for her to capture prey!


Posted by manv 1 year ago Report

oh! It couldn't be any better ;) perfect, just the way I want to go


Posted by SherlokKiril 1 year ago Report

Seeing both of my fetishes combined in such a magnificent way makes me happy, thank you a lot !)
Lovely description too. Ruthless preds are my favorites, a bit surprising to see Hippie acting like that, but that works for me perfectly


Posted by mordecaitheguy 1 year ago Report

oh... oh my, i might have a new fetish now. All from my favourite pred too, she's even more powerful than she realises


Posted by Opulence5 1 year ago Report

Today was a good day. I must say that this character might have cause foot fetish :)


Posted by nex12334 1 year ago Report

i loove it, reaally amazing art as usual!


Posted by dreamweevil 1 year ago Report

Creativity, shading, detail on this are all amaxing.


Posted by sbaldetti 1 year ago Report

I hope we can see a page two, where he's fully swallowed and her belly stretched <3


Posted by RyouBoy 1 year ago Report

omg i love this so much 8D


Posted by Spunkomatic66 10 months ago Report

Tongue out~


Posted by HipHugger 7 months ago Report

I guess we are kinkdred spirits! XD


Posted by HipHugger 7 months ago Report

That is definitely a goal of mine >:)