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RandomSpectator - 12 days ago

Miniguy and a type of robot called a “bioroid” (“A cybernetic or fully biological organism created by artificial means.“ AKA: an android made at least partially out of living tissue).

usersp - 4 weeks ago

this is gonna be great

mmmooo55 - 4 weeks ago

a bit more grotesque than from what im used to from you, to be honest. still looks great though!

Celte - 4 weeks ago

Giant Mecha Girl.

RandomSpectator - 4 weeks ago

Are we going to see a continuation of this?

CopperRobot - 4 months ago

Love this stuff!

RandomSpectator - 4 months ago

While I don’t mind the canon pairing, I think the best ending would have been a harem ending.

zelphi - 5 months ago

ha now he has to love Rem, also nice job on that Acsmine love your content

KaZe_DaRKWIND - 5 months ago

Always amazes me how much you've improved compared to when you started

RandomSpectator - 5 months ago

Nice to see you back, and nice to see some new art. Although I'm curious, are we going to see the next part of "a stepsister Siori" on this website or just Patreon?

Aqa and tiny Kazuma

Uploaded: 6 months ago

Owner: acsmine

Tags: Unbirth F/M Goddess Semi-willing Aqua uterus Vore Comic Vaginal vore semi-consensual Kazuma Umbilical Cord doujinshi naked prey Naked Female acsmine konosuba andromeda amniotic fluid girls of Andromeda

I think Kazuma would say after that, "let me out, right now! you useless goddess!"
although my first favorite is Rem in the Rezero, I love the character in the Konosuba.
thank you for my patrons always.

if you would like to support me. 

CopperRobot - 5 months ago

Love this stuff!

vyvince1997 - 5 months ago

This reminds me of an Asian religion (Buddhist or Shinto) where they go into caves that symbolizes “returning to the womb of mother nature.” Man I see why they fantasize this now, looks amazing.

Aferart - 6 months ago

Really nice, i love your work, andromeda the most, continue!!!!

RandomSpectator - 6 months ago

How did Kazuma get in there? I’m pretty sure that blithering idiot doesn’t know how to shrink someone, or make herself bigger (If she did, than she would have shrunk all of the giant frogs down to about the size of a corgi). Let alone anything about how people have sex in Andromeda.

joeburp22181 - 6 months ago

She sexy. I would never want to leave her pussy and uterus. She keep me safe and alive.

dispose of a brave man

Uploaded: 7 months ago

Owner: acsmine

Tags: Princess Unbirth Vagina uterus Vaginal vore doujinshi naked prey naked male acsmine andromeda kemonomichi girls of Andromeda vaginal fluids

she is princess Edgard Lattice Altena in the animation Rise up! Animal road.
she is being dispose of a useless brave man.
the reason she put him in her tummy is for binding, and she will dissipate with him.
however, it doesn't mean that they will be dying.
they will just be going far somewhere.
I think you might know where did them arrive.

if you would like to support me. 

RandomSpectator - 7 months ago

Are we going to be seeing them in a comic? Also, how’s the current story involving Shiori coming along?

extreme0089 - 7 months ago

Long time no see! Glad your back

joeburp22181 - 7 months ago

Dispose of him by gobbling him up with that fat, tight, wet pussy! Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm~

trick or treat

Uploaded: 10 months ago

Owner: acsmine

Tags: Unbirth Halloween Succubus Vaginal vore Lilith acsmine lilithcraft Elisha

happy Halloween. 

azza3695 - 8 months ago

Come on in, the door’s open :p

RandomSpectator - 10 months ago

Could you eventually make a sequel of this showing that guy getting unbirthed (showing both Elisha and him having an orgasm) and an inside shot of him inside her womb with an umbilical cord attached?

Jacquelope - 10 months ago

It's cold outside, time to get inside! :P

bartek21 - 10 months ago

Happy Hallowe'en!

tigra9 - 10 months ago

Why do I feel as though the treat side is climbing into her womb, the trick part is climbing into her open hand to get eaten?

a stepsister Shiori (preview)

Uploaded: 1 year ago

Owner: acsmine

Tags: Unbirth Elf F/M Manga schoolgirl Female Pred Vore Comic preview undressing pre-unbirth naked prey naked male acsmine andromeda stripping prey pre-inbirth

it include about sexualized depiction of minors, but I needed it for the story completion.
I will sale about that kinds of such manga on gumroad sometimes.
thank you for my patrons always. 

RandomSpectator - 6 months ago

I think we're all waiting on the next part of this.

RandomSpectator - 6 months ago

When is the next installment of this going to be worked on?

AgentAlaska9000 - 8 months ago

May i have a link to the full comic please :)

acsmine - 1 year ago

it have 20 page but I will plan to upload extra page.

CopperRobot - 1 year ago

How many pages?

Rem and Tiny Subaru

Uploaded: 1 year ago

Owner: acsmine

Tags: F/M Non-Vore Macro/Micro subaru Shrinking Pre unbirth tiny man naked male Rem Maid outfit acsmine andromeda Rezero

why Subaru has been shrank ?
it seems he got be summoned to Andromeda world with Rem.
that's why he had to shrinking.
as far as I know, it is a rule in that world.

if you would like to support me.

linkever - 1 year ago

I don't know, sorry.

RandomSpectator - 1 year ago

Will any be published here?

linkever - 1 year ago

There are already a lot that have been made since on Patreon.

RandomSpectator - 1 year ago

As a new unbirth sequence in the works?

linkever - 1 year ago

Its already written on his patreon and Eks gallery.

Candy boy 3

Uploaded: 1 year ago

Owner: acsmine

Tags: Unbirth Elf F/M Consensual Cum Vagina Micro/Macro Willing Orgasm wombshot Size difference Female Pred uterus Vore Comic Vaginal vore Umbilical Cord naked prey Naked Female Naked pred Gentle Pred naked male acsmine Willing prey andromeda amniotic fluid ubirthing vaginal fluids

(please start reading from right to left panel because it is adopt Japanese manga style.)

they were lived happily ever after.
this is the last part of Candy boy.

I could show you more manga, If you support me.

I hope see you later to more fun story.

lovevore - 1 year ago

Yes, I know :3
Let me dream ! >:3

azza3695 - 1 year ago

Acsmine the un birth specialist

azza3695 - 1 year ago

Acsmine, long time fan lol, the style is something no one else can do from what I see

Endierlord - 1 year ago

I missed Andromeda

RandomSpectator - 1 year ago

Nice to see that we didn’t have to wait till next Halloween for this to be finished.

Candy boy 2

Uploaded: 1 year ago

Owner: acsmine

Tags: Oral Vore Breasts Unbirth Elf F/M Vagina Macro/Micro Female Pred uterus Vore Comic Vaginal vore fluids pre-unbirth naked prey Naked Female Naked pred naked male looking down throat acsmine andromeda amniotic fluid vaginal fluids

(please start reading from right to left panel because it is adopt Japanese manga style.)
This episode to be concluded part 3
I wish I could show you next part soon :)
If it has been completed you can to check it on my patreon site first  

Hola - 1 year ago

She should really swallow him!

HenBor - 1 year ago

May I use Andromeda's world in my works on Eka?

antoinou62185 - 1 year ago

a complete turn can be

akinata - 1 year ago

i do hope he will finish in her stomach.^^

whatisthissheet - 1 year ago

Missed your art!

Candy boy

Uploaded: 3 years ago

Owner: acsmine

Tags: Comic Unbirth Elf F/M Vagina japanese Female Pred Vaginal vore pre-unbirth naked prey Naked Female Naked pred naked male acsmine Japanese Text andromeda Succubus cosplay witch cosplay vaginal fluids

It has been changed to English version.(15,Oct,2018)

(please start reading from right to left panel because it is adopt Japanese manga style.)

coming soon the next part... maybe

DanielK108 - 1 year ago

Part two?

sjkd34 - 1 year ago

It has been changed to English version.(15,Oct,2018)
WOW, AM I DREAMING?Acsmine is back?

Endierlord - 2 years ago

You should REALLY make more andromeda comics. they're great

RandomSpectator - 2 years ago

Are we going to get a sequel and actually se the guy become a symbiotic partner for the girl inside her womb?

dherosparkman - 2 years ago

1 year passed……

azza3695 - 3 years ago

kinda different but sweet an good as i know acsmine has always been with this

AlistairTenpenny - 3 years ago

I'm very glad to see you've added yet another marvelous comic to the Andromeda collection. Everything in this collection is among my favorite comics on this site and you are perhaps my most favorite artist. I hope to see more, but if this is the last (*hopefully not, lol*) then thank you for all the amazing comics in this collection.
Fondest wishes from a huge fan,


shadehunter - 4 years ago

yeah!!! Finally new art!!

randomthefox - 4 years ago

ALWAYS love your stuff. Would be super nice to get a full translation though since the dialog and implications about the setting therein are so appealing.

Gutlover - 4 years ago

Woo! Glad ascmine is still at it.He/She is one of my favorite unbirth artists so I was worried they stopped.

wilderman12 - 3 years ago

I always love your work even your black and white work when that was still posted here I look forward to any of it in the future

RandomSpectator - 4 years ago

Why haven't you made any new unbirth sequences?

joylovejoy - 4 years ago

can him be push inside normal dog womb?

AlistairTenpenny - 4 years ago

Really like this one, it's got the feel of the classics

ButtPlug - 4 years ago


matthewthawes - 3 months ago

concept proved

SSJBura - 4 years ago

Fun idea/concept

tgcidolfus - 4 years ago

that defensive point +1 made me laugh out loud

Miridium - 4 years ago

Interesting. Kind of reminds me of the Evas.

Flamemaster5000 - 4 years ago

Best cockpit ever

Sith - 4 years ago

So amazingly glad your still drawing these super good unbirth comics, please never stop. <33

linthia - 4 years ago

She will be pregnant ... she will release him ? Good question ...

Shadowsharpedo - 4 years ago

Excellent work as always. Very worth the wait.

darksign13 - 4 years ago

Awesome. It's been too long since the last of these. Can't wait for more.

luckyB - 4 years ago

Oh~ 0w0 hohoho.. Nice work there.

Happy Halloween

Uploaded: 4 years ago

Owner: acsmine

Tags: Unbirth Halloween Magic witch green eyes

Happy halloween~~ 

Spoovo - 4 years ago

Hopefully those two will play together a bit.

RandomSpectator - 4 years ago

Are we going to see this ore something along the lines of it made into an unbirth sequence?

Flamemaster5000 - 4 years ago

Have a happy Halloween

tgcidolfus - 4 years ago

Happy Halloween to you too.

vore111 - 4 years ago

Happy halloween

Sith - 4 years ago

Her pussys going gulp once he is all slurped in and going up to her womb, the little guy even begging for help and asking her to stop from her birth canal lonely enough to be heard was my favorite part, my god your unbirth comics are good. <3

Shadowsharpedo - 5 years ago

As always, amazing work. It would't be too much of a stretch to call you the greatest unbirth drawer on this site.

shadehunter - 5 years ago

I just love your work!!!

Noonstar - 5 years ago

The grammar be damned, this is beautiful!

DenArt - 5 years ago

it's great what a pity that so rarely

TheMastermind - 4 years ago

Its like the usual sex for her..
But its the end of his life!
sorta murder sorta rape.
I still love it tho!

tdboy2002 - 4 years ago

who don't like unbirth pregnancy there better

Sith - 4 years ago

Always loved how casually and quickly these girls find a fun little guy and stuff him right up her plump pretty snatch straight to her womb and walk off to go about their day like nothing happened. <3

Spoovo - 5 years ago

Will girls ever be vored in these comics? That'd be pretty hot too, imo.

lilsexysin97 - 5 years ago

I'd love to go into you~

joeburp22181 - 6 years ago

Damn, you just get better and better with time Acsmine. Wonderful as always. <3

Junogray - 6 years ago

super Awesome

tails11 - 6 years ago

Lovely! =3

coldfire1200 - 6 years ago

love it >.> witch there was a mouse

tgcidolfus - 6 years ago

love it

HyliPrincessLydia - 2 years ago

I believe it was too reduce body heat as she would be sweating a lot from that unbirth routine

redsquallff8 - 5 years ago

3 months old and still better than anyones

BooFire - 6 years ago

Why did she take off her bra to shove someone up her vagnia?

riverbeast - 6 years ago

Yay, your not died!

Shadowsharpedo - 6 years ago

I think this is the best one yet. Panels 10, 11, 13, and 14 are my favorites of this one.

acsmine - 6 years ago

thanks for all reply

Exdeath27 - 6 years ago

always love your work <3

talo0077 - 6 years ago


Shadowsharpedo - 6 years ago

Amazing as always.

LordVIP3R - 6 years ago

Lord Viper is pleased, top notch job ;)

azza3695 - 6 years ago

i think i see bliss :-)

Blace - 6 years ago

This is really hot. Love your work <3

SuperMatt001 - 6 years ago

Always loved your work!

joeburp22181 - 6 years ago

Little Boy: Hmmm, so warm.

tails11 - 6 years ago

So cute as always. :D

demon sisters 2

Uploaded: 7 years ago

Owner: acsmine

Tags: Oral Vore Stomach Succubus F/F Demon Demoness

delicious human girl~ 

Maexam2 - 1 year ago

When will the this comic be continued?

Maexam2 - 3 years ago

Will part three (and hopefully more parts) come out sometime in the future?

kyle1992 - 3 years ago

i hope there be more of this

vorefanatic314 - 5 years ago

Always looking forward to more oral vore works from you, this was a rare treat indeed!

Takashi369 - 6 years ago

あなたのすべての仕事をどうもありがとうございます。 私の妻と私は常にあなたの資料を読むことが好きであって、そしてシリーズの次の部分を楽しみにします。 私は将来あなたの仕事のさらに多くを見ることを望みます。 どうか、もしそれが良くないなら、日本人を許してください。 私は長い間日本語を話しませんでした。

Tolun - 2 years ago

Aww, she got donuts for him!

YANGMOXUE1 - 6 years ago


azza3695 - 6 years ago

she so naiive looking lol enhances toy side

tjddnr0215 - 7 years ago

more vore plz~~ㅜㅜ

CopperRobot - 7 years ago

I also thought of that

TheMastermind - 4 years ago


azza3695 - 6 years ago

lol feeling warm was good for him,...the way he felt was too good for her ;)

GUEST19216 - 7 years ago

well he is tiny and it is snowing.

vore111 - 7 years ago


bigstew00 - 7 years ago

alright, love ur art

DragonOfEmerald - 6 years ago

It looks to me like each girl is unbirthing the other girl's little brother.

brosus - 7 years ago

I thought the same...
Dear lord, Turduckin... Fak now you've made me hungry.

azza3695 - 7 years ago

Glad its catchin on :3 just waiting to be picked

ButtPlug - 7 years ago

So, do all these girls have weird tentacle umbilical cords in their wombs?

Thagrahn - 7 years ago

Twice the unbirth for twice the fun.

CopperRobot - 7 years ago

I do actually miss the text

monkeyRLG - 7 years ago

I love the personalities of your characters.. they're so kinky and forceful.

gulpin - 7 years ago

Welcome back and great pic :)

ublover1 - 7 years ago

love this ub :)

Yo-yo - 7 years ago

Good to see you back again

Jamie263 - 4 years ago

Wish I was in there.

RandomSpectator - 4 years ago

Are there going to be the other old unbirth sequences remade like this? (I would like to see that)

wilderman12 - 6 years ago

big fan of your work ive always been amazed by your work plz keep up the good work

azza3695 - 7 years ago

Naked and alone?he asked for it :3

azza3695 - 7 years ago

Unwary boy byebye

freedomgd01 - 8 years ago

Merry Christmas. Finally ur back. We waiting for very long times. =)

CGR-7 - 8 years ago

Haha, cute.
Merry Christmas Acsmine!

gulpin - 8 years ago

Merry Christmas and Nice Drawing ^_^

Sith - 8 years ago

Merry Christmas, and wouldn't we all love to have a gift like that. ;P

i-love-vore - 8 years ago

Merry Christmas ;-D

tripleh23 - 7 years ago

I wish i was him hes lucky

jabman05 - 8 years ago

so wish that was me and my gf lol

Sith - 8 years ago

The slight bulges under her belly button are a nice touch I think, I dunno what it is about prey going in feet first especially in unbirth but its so hot. <3~

fried24 - 8 years ago

really good pic

gulpin - 8 years ago


demon sisters 1

Uploaded: 9 years ago

Owner: acsmine

Tags: Oral Vore Mouth Succubus F/F Demon Demoness

Don't eat my friend Shizuku

RandomCPUman - 1 month ago

Actually, if its not semi-coherent to begin with, you can flip the letters around as much as you like, and still sound like a complete and total dumbass, as you have just proven.

RandomCPUman - 1 month ago

"I'm not native TO English"

RandomCPUman - 1 month ago

FYI, I think you mean "Don't understand the things in Japanese, is it possible to have an Englinsh translation"

Thagrahn - 7 years ago

Ratori may not be allowed to swallow Shizuka, but maybe Ratii will be ok with Shizuka being in Ratori's womb.

xwrath - 7 years ago

A translation, I'm not english or japanese native, but I think this can help a litle....

Blue ==> ratori
Orange==> shizuka
Green==> ratii

[ratori]shizuka chan you're so cute, makes me wanna eat you
could you enter in my mouth just a litle?

[shizuka]Ah? no, but if is raite-chan's litle sister, just a litle may be all right

[ratii]Onee-san, shizuka-chan is raite's precious friend, so definitly you can't eat her,
and shizuka-chan you can't negligent yourself.

[ratori]well, ok. If is Raite's friendm, it's important to me too so shizuka chan don't fear.

[shizuka]I know this kind onee-san won't try to eat me.

tripleh23 - 7 years ago

Ill sleep all the in

Sith - 9 years ago

He snuck himself in there to take a nap... She is wearing a skirt and no panties after all, wouldent be too hard. ;P

RikuHidanza - 9 years ago

Is it me or does she seem slightly surprised to find him there

In any event awesome work acsmine

fried24 - 9 years ago

new character yay

redsquallff8 - 9 years ago


TheMastermind - 4 years ago

I just want to ask..
this has no effect on how amazing it is but i was wondering
since men dont have normal sex.. why do they have penises? they are just shoved into the woman's womb arent they?

azza3695 - 7 years ago

Smart and hot...legs first cant run

tailsjordan - 8 years ago

this is the kind of unbirth what i like xD

tobytop - 8 years ago

I couldn't agree more. Nice pic btw.

raisanes - 8 years ago

i always like the unbirth comics you make, also i like that they don't die or anything but that the girl becomes pregnant of the boy :)

AlistairTenpenny - 5 years ago

Indeed, good sir! Quite right!

azza3695 - 7 years ago

Whos really gettin the help they need? Lol

tobytop - 8 years ago


ashleyvorefanandrper - 8 years ago

i'd let her take care of me any day

azza3695 - 8 years ago

This is a new 1 to me

Oh my maid

Uploaded: 9 years ago

Owner: acsmine

Tags: Unbirth Pregnancy Vagina uterus Vaginal vore Maid


azza3695 - 7 years ago

Lol better for her when they climb in lol

azza3695 - 8 years ago

Lol wonder what the story would b with some of these...willing or lust etc

ashleyvorefanandrper - 8 years ago

whats happenign in the womb?

azza3695 - 8 years ago

Lol if not unbirth then just HOT

ButtPlug - 8 years ago

Oh fuck...


... Oh fuck...

Sweet Passenger

Uploaded: 9 years ago

Owner: acsmine

Tags: Unbirth Elf Vagina Vaginal vore

it is a good day to travel 

azza3695 - 8 years ago

The casual ending does it for me lol

carscarscars91 - 8 years ago

can i be her next passenger

carscarscars91 - 9 years ago

can i be the next passenger

carscarscars91 - 9 years ago

can i be the next passenger

Sirsandwich666 - 9 years ago

You're my favorite UB artist by far :), thank you.

Rie's Snack Time

Uploaded: 9 years ago

Owner: acsmine

Tags: Unbirth Elf Vaginal vore


ashleyvorefanandrper - 8 years ago

i like her

ButtPlug - 8 years ago

You're so spice~!

bmistero67 - 9 years ago

lucky dude

Hawksoul08 - 9 years ago

YES! ;)

CGR-7 - 9 years ago

Yeah! Good to see ya again Acsmine.

Good Night with Mei

Uploaded: 9 years ago

Owner: acsmine

Tags: Catgirl Unbirth uterus Vaginal vore


azza3695 - 8 years ago

Lol band aid trap

Hawksoul08 - 9 years ago

I like this too...
Everything you make it beatifull...

Kushinada - 9 years ago

Totally jealous of that guy...

kramooo - 9 years ago

its great

GTSdev - 9 years ago

im a big fan of your works ^_^

Pregnant Mei

Uploaded: 9 years ago

Owner: acsmine

Tags: Catgirl Unbirth Vagina uterus Vaginal vore


Courtney - 9 years ago

love it:)

zelphi - 9 years ago

hella sweet (=^_^=)

acrylic - 9 years ago

according to ascmine's story setting,
the boy is unbirthed unconsensually.
so he can't be happy.

acrylic - 9 years ago

according to ascmine's story setting,
the boy is unbirthed unconsensually.
so he can't be happy.

Drudicta - 9 years ago

I bet that boy is happy now. <3

ShrunkenMikey - 8 years ago

Will she clame him as her own child? Only time wll tell.Nice Work.

carscarscars91 - 8 years ago

can i cralw in her vagina

carscarscars91 - 9 years ago

can she let me go in there

carscarscars91 - 9 years ago

that looks like fun

Thagrahn - 9 years ago

Um, What happens to him? Does she just carry him now, or does something else happen?

Sorry, just feel the story could go farther.

Wolfgirl Suzu

Uploaded: 10 years ago

Owner: acsmine

Tags: Unbirth wolfgirl Vagina Vaginal vore


azza3695 - 8 years ago

So hot she wants him yet he tries runnin

caosleyton - 10 years ago

simply awesome thanks for sharing

vore111 - 10 years ago

first welcome back

i like this manga so much wana see the rest also ..

Watts - 10 years ago

Oh, & talking of favourite artists you're like a celebrity lmfao!

Karbo - 10 years ago

your art is really cute and always well drawed ^_^

Office Lady Erica

Uploaded: 10 years ago

Owner: acsmine

Tags: Unbirth Elf Vagina Ol uterus Vaginal vore


azza3695 - 8 years ago

He started it lol

azza3695 - 8 years ago

Lol he started she finished and she just carries on lol

kramooo - 10 years ago

i love your work

bubbles - 10 years ago

wooooo awsome ....all of them are kee em up if you can

Z The Hedgehog - 10 years ago

Do they die or do they get reborn

Nina in local train

Uploaded: 10 years ago

Owner: acsmine

Tags: Unbirth Elf Vagina uterus Vaginal vore


AGiant - 7 days ago

I love your works so much. Thank you!

azza3695 - 8 years ago

Unwilling toy or bf....

azza3695 - 8 years ago


homelessman - 9 years ago

I love this series, great work and detail

swallowingalive - 10 years ago


The Shiori's Room

Uploaded: 11 years ago

Owner: acsmine

Tags: Unbirth Elf Vagina School girl uterus Vaginal vore


selenaofseattle - 9 years ago

Ok so, wait, Im new to this whole vore thing, so he goes inside, and an umbilical cord gets attached to him? Does he like, stay there? I just dont understand!! @[email protected]

vore111 - 10 years ago

more more more !!!!

dragonfred - 10 years ago

very nice hope there more!

swallowingalive - 10 years ago


Zavior - 10 years ago

You're art work is amazing. Still one of the best comics I've seen.

Shirayuki's Good Deed

Uploaded: 11 years ago

Owner: acsmine

Tags: Unbirth Foxgirl Vagina uterus Vaginal vore


wyvern97 - 5 years ago

Would love to see this in color

ShrunkenMikey - 8 years ago

This is very nice.The Foxgirl save the boys life by via umbelicol cord.

Drakle - 10 years ago

So... are the girls aloud to run around naked, or just with out pants on?

Liz - 11 years ago

Well done fox girl.

What I call a good way to recover :D

AeroBlaze - 11 years ago

FoxGirl for the Save! :x

Catgirl Mio

Uploaded: 11 years ago

Owner: acsmine

Tags: Catgirl Unbirth vaginal uterus Vaginal vore


JakuArts - 10 years ago

I love it.

Thank you very very much!

JoeBro - 11 years ago

These are really good!

Paradox - 11 years ago

I love these comics^^ especially this one with the catgirl, it's cruel but hot at the same time XD
Can't wait to see what happens next.

LowProfile - 11 years ago

"Being swallowed with the sexual organs of the woman, the 繫 as for [ru] is the same meaning as the fact that vore is digested by that woman and the fact that it unifies with those which the navel band we would like to see. Because so there is no pain, unbirth the origin is more pleasant, you think that it is. Obtaining…With…Because the setting which does not master yet is many. In addition afterwards ([be] [me] [be]) "

thats teh direct translation via babelfish of what acsmine said, i think

acsmine - 11 years ago


アルドニア男と地球の男は遺傳的でべつに間違いないから'セティン'が作ったwormhole machineから地球人が流入される設定があるけとアルドニア男と地球の男を区分しない。>


また後で (べめべ)

Maid Rie

Uploaded: 11 years ago

Owner: acsmine

Tags: Unbirth Elf Vagina uterus Vaginal vore Maid

she's name is Rie 

Voreophilliac - 10 years ago

ok i am at 100% into unbirthing or vaginal vore or however you wanna call it and i will tell you i have found any unbirthings any better then yours you should seriously concider doing more

ikilledbambixx - 10 years ago

i absolutly love this!! question tho, does he have an umbilical cord in the last slot of him in her womb?

krakensis - 10 years ago

=O those pics are just amazing
can you make an anal one please,
because the quality of your pics are just
incredible =O

dragonfred - 10 years ago

i hope there more!

deidara - 10 years ago


Cabin Attendant Lirica

Uploaded: 11 years ago

Owner: acsmine

Tags: Unbirth Elf Vagina uterus Vaginal vore


GUEST19216 - 8 years ago

at least he gets a free ride

Rhewin - 10 years ago

I love the way you draw. You're definitely one of my favorite UB artists.

JoeBro - 11 years ago

Good as ever. Keep it up!

Liz - 11 years ago

I really enjoyed that one :D

Love you work keep it up :)

Karbo - 11 years ago

I'm not really into unbirthing but nonetheless I find your comic really well done with cute and sexy characters ^_^

Sophia in Rest Room

Uploaded: 11 years ago

Owner: acsmine

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SirEdgar - 8 years ago

Hey, hello everyone,i'm quite new to the forum and this is my first comment on Eka's and I must say your comics are simply awesome! ^^

Host - 9 years ago

I like how he's still so intensely interested in his book while all this goes on.

Epsilon_Dark - 10 years ago

hummm love them all the thrid go around, has to say out of the ub artist. your one of the best, i seen.

yourprey - 10 years ago

i love these little stories!


LoveLeavs - 10 years ago

....... ... ....... best of 09 so far