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It had been two months since the storm on Sum Vivus – Regina Kostas better known as Reggie and owner of the bar frequented by Becker along with Linda – aide of Becker’s officer manager – were displaced in time. 39-year-old Reggie was displaced from 2002 while 36-year-old Linda was displaced from 2005 while Dawn Tinsley and Donna from Wernham-Hogg were displaced from April 12,



It had been some time since Natalia the White-Haired Naga had seen the outsides of the Naga Reserve since her feast at the Golden Globes. Many Humans and a few Nagas wanted her to go to hell for eating their favourite celebrities. One fan of Scarlett’s sent Natalia a threatening letter as the fan had a celebrity crush on Scarlett. However, not everyone was so upset as many have come to terms with their new role in the world as a potential meal for Nagas. Nagas were the new true Apex Predat

A month had passed since Emily Reese had eaten her best-friends. With the help of Nick Savannah – she had moved into a new suburb, and was able to transform her new house into a real home. Moving on wasn’t easy as Carly Johnson’s parents were not to happy with what happen to order nor was Nick. Nick had even barred Emily from seeing Ruby and Samantha Savannah which meant that she couldn’t keep her promise of eating them yet.

It was rainy afternoon as Jessica Halliday and her best-friend Nina Russell were watching T.V. together as they were keeping each other company. Jessica Halliday was 6 months pregnant while Nina Russell had a bad case of hand, foot, and mouth disease. Nina was a 26-year-old woman with long dark hair, blue eyes, and sores almost all over her body including on the soles of her feet while Jessica was a 27-year-old woman with red hair, green eyes, and was keeping a bit of a distance from Nina.

It was warm Sunday evening in the city of Shandi and the Australian summer hasn’t been kind to city. In a small suburb in the city lived a woman by the name of Emily Reese. She like Eric; was a predator, however, she was still young – being only at the age of 22. Emily lived with her best-friend Carly Vance and her fiancé Robert Johnson. While Emily absolutely adorns Carly; she and Robert were like oil and water. At times; he had tried to sleep with her when he and Carly would

It was a sunny afternoon when Paige and Steven decided to get married. Paige is a 32-year-old woman with long, lush black hair, brown eyes, soft peach skin, and was wearing a lovely long white bridal dress. Steven


is a 22-year-old man with short, curly red hair, green eyes, mild tan skin, and was wearing a simple purple tuxedo with purple formal shoes.

Leesha Salazar spent next the three days restraining herself from eating other guests as she wanted to try to relax and enjoy herself rather then pig out on the guests. It also gave her the chance to savour Julia’s taste for those three days. She was able to satiate her hunger by eating a few piglets as Naga’s like herself a required to eat at least once a day. Leesha’s husband – David Pearson asked if she was still deciding if she wanted to officially change her surname

It had been three months since Nola and Serena descended into the

Estuans Lingua

which has been popularised by the more commercial name – Chili-Tongued Venusian. The Venusian was subsequently destroyed by the orders of the EPA and plants from the island of Sum Vivus were now required to have identification before entering America.

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BlakeSmith15's Blog - update Posted 3 months ago

this update merely serves to announce that Bride Prey Month has concluded for the year. Each of my vore series will be produced once a month. However, after careful consideration the following series will be discontinued due to a lack of enthusiasm;
*World of Vore series
*Into the Wormhole series
*The Resort series

While I may change my mind regarding the wormhole and resort series - the World of Vore series will remain discontinued.

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