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I'm Zander! Welcome to my hideous little hole, that I like to SOMETIMES throw art and stories at.

Uhhh... Stuff about me? I think I'm a pretty nice guy. Sometimes even too nice. I was born in '93, have an interest in law enforcement, and like doodling stupid little doodles from time to time.

I always enjoy a good conservation, and often I am available Skype: Zander.Red

Also: Furaffinity stuff:

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I'm alive, I survived, I'm doing fine, I'm alive.

I've been feeling great the last few months, which was an excellent change of pace for me. I don't know what happened, but somewhere along the way I learned how to let things go and how to enjoy life. I THINK IT MIGHT HAVE TO DO WITH THIS THINGS HUMANS CALL 'GROWING UP'. Who knows?

I'm working full time at a non-profit, which is great. I just finished up my classes, which is great. I'm halfway through the tricky application process of going to the police academy, which is great. So, uh... I'm great.

But, also I'm here.... online.... again. Hrmm. This is awkward. I kind of up and left, for my own sanity, after reaching out to a bunch of people. I have a lot of messages asking if I'm alright. HINT: I'M GREAT, now.

I don't really draw...
[ Continued ... ]

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Posted by Sith 5 years ago

Love your art, love how you draw bulge,s love your animations, love your cute feral shark with arms and leg char... only thing your missing is more animations and art! =P Really hope to see more. ^^

Insta +watch


Posted by Takado 6 years ago

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Graaaawr! I so angry you post thank you comment!


Posted by Redpod 6 years ago

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your wleomxc em,y ext food :)


Posted by Staple 6 years ago

No problem! ;)


Posted by LightSpeed 6 years ago

<< Reply To greatwhitegut

you're welcome. ^.^


Posted by chaso07 6 years ago

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Posted by CHOASCALLER 6 years ago

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No problem friend <3

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Posted by Baz 6 years ago

<< Reply To greatwhitegut

No worries!


Posted by Lighting177 6 years ago

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you're welcome :)


Posted by SolidScale 6 years ago

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No worries. It's fairly good, keep it up. :3

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Posted by Baz 6 years ago

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Any more stories inna works? =3

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