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Klara's Kambit By Lampton -- Report

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This one got repeatedly sidelined by the MHA pieces but it's finally done, hooray!

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Posted by Green_Glutton 1 month ago Report

Gloria we're entering a Stoutland contest!


Posted by kidclef 1 month ago Report

PLEASE tell me Ms. Honey is somewhere in the queue.

spectral knight

Posted by spectral knight 1 month ago Report

gosh I hope so..


Posted by Lampton 1 month ago Report

I do have a separate Honey pic in the works, so you're in luck xp


Posted by TheAkkoDimensio 1 month ago Report

You know what they say Klara, no witnesses.......


Posted by skullcrusheramk 1 month ago Report

No witnesses!


Posted by boomerangfish 1 month ago Report

Absolutely love it. Klara's dialogue is great


Posted by Bionicman 1 month ago Report

Think you can Astrid Hofferson from the How to Train your dragon franchise?


Posted by Boo54000 1 month ago Report

Good call, I second this


Posted by MrStorm 1 month ago Report

I third this


Posted by asdn534Sans 1 month ago Report

Looks really good! (Nice pfp btw, did you draw it?)


Posted by Lampton 1 month ago Report

haha nah, think it's art from the trading cards.


Posted by Trex4 1 month ago Report

That’s it why is Gloria always the Prey. I am taking matters into my own hands and Klara is already busted so she is pretty much doom at this point


Posted by Undernom 1 month ago Report

"Someone do something!"

Yeah, I agree! That belly needs some serious rubbing and massaging.

...oh, do something about the trainer? I mean, it's a bit late for that...


Posted by golly88 1 month ago Report



Posted by GoTee1 1 month ago Report

Oh well, maybe she can persuade them not to tell for a belly rub?
lol j/k you going to jail girl

The K

Posted by The K 1 month ago Report

I really have to play the new Pokemon games to keep up with the new girls. Anyway this is another outstanding piece you've created. I love her post digestion belly, it is so huge!


Posted by lylebruh 1 month ago Report

Klara's toxic mindset led to Gloria's demise...a pity lol. But anyways, her facial expressions are so good! They really make the piece so much fun. You're really talented :).


Posted by J0kerKirby 1 month ago Report

So nice~


Posted by Blackheartedreaper2 1 month ago Report

Hehe Klara is bae.


Posted by RitaNexus 1 month ago Report

That face in the last panel is SENDING ME

"I have made a serious mistake."


Posted by Azuris 1 month ago Report

Good to see people not turning a blind eye to a pred for once. Nicely done!


Posted by smallsmallrose 1 month ago Report

I love the dialogue, and Klara's expressions. And the bellies are great as always. I wonder what Miss Honey is gonna do with her.


Posted by Regicide 1 month ago Report

I wonder if shes gonna eat the whole dojo now


Posted by Dabestorange 1 month ago Report

Now you gotta get rid of them all.


Posted by Robotdocter 1 month ago Report

why are people only now complaining after years of gym leaders doing this? lmao. amazing work yet again :o


Posted by Spider8Fiend 1 month ago Report

Whoops! Looks like Klara will need to eat the second course to keep this incident under wraps~


Posted by No-One 1 month ago Report

Given that she was barely able to keep the first course down, I suspect she's screwed.


Posted by jklq 1 month ago Report

Great picture!


Posted by Vorelover23 1 month ago Report

This is the first time that I have seen that a pokemon trainer had been caught in the act and was said that she had eaten someone. That is one trainer busted.


Posted by ShyMaster 1 month ago Report

She needs to eat everyone now


Posted by JohnnyF102 1 month ago Report

Ooh yeah nice


Posted by HMDVore 1 month ago Report

looks like its too late to let them out~


Posted by ReiREND 1 month ago Report

Lampton i love you so much!!


Posted by Salisha 1 month ago Report

Muuuuch too late to save her, I'm afraid~ <3


Posted by TheMystique 1 month ago Report

Love everything about this, especially the expressions lmao. rip Klara though, the one among all of them to get busted, guess it's off to poke-prison.


Posted by Nalzindar 1 month ago Report

Haha, this was a funny one, I love her guilty face at the end! Looks like someone is getting into trouble XD


Posted by Catvs 1 month ago Report

Uh oh, Klara might be in a bit of trouble.


Posted by MillyBonnet 1 month ago Report



Posted by UzumakiPredator 1 month ago Report

As punishment, she will now spend the rest of the day stewing within Ms. Honey's stomach. Everyone listens to her for a reason.


Posted by whatisthissheet 1 month ago Report

The epxressions and dialogue are on point, the bellies are amazing.
It's rare to see the pred being discovered and being in a bad situation like this, this is so good.


Posted by Nooneishere 1 month ago Report

Good art i always want to see klara as a pred


Posted by Nooneishere 1 month ago Report

Good art i always want to see klara as a pred


Posted by Zalamander 1 month ago Report

Ohhhh she gon' get it now!


Posted by HiddenIke 1 month ago Report

Leave no witnesses.


Posted by secrettome 1 month ago Report

Klara cute, and incompetent preds are always fun.


Posted by cremecheese 1 month ago Report

I SO hope Ms. Honey eats her in retaliation:)


Posted by Hazeyoyo123 1 month ago Report



Posted by Birichino 1 month ago Report

Klara's cute, but I just think it's unrealistic to think that anyone could defeat an angry Scot.


Posted by Abrud 1 month ago Report

Humans have been performing dentistry since 7000BC, which makes dentists one of the oldest professions.
I write random facts on random posts,
sincerely, Demoman TF2


Posted by TheDog 1 month ago Report

So now eating people in the Pokemon world ISN'T OK now? Or is it just illegal in the Galar region?


Posted by SonicMania2099 2 weeks ago Report

I can see a follow up where Honey eats Klara for eating Gloria