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SMVA - Betty By Lampton -- Report

Starting the year with another piece of fan art for St. Miluina's Vore Academy, depicting one of the possible game over scenes on day 2. This was originally just a sketch for the affiliated server but I felt it was good enough to render fully.

The best part of doing SMVA content is lifting the text and dialogue from the game so I don't have to worry about writing anything myself!

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Posted by DejiruHerald 4 months ago Report

Ah, always such a perfect day when your art hits the timeline, such amazing work every time <3


Posted by JackSpades 4 months ago Report

Lampton: does extremely high quality art
also Lampton: is glad that they can rip three lines of text from a game because writing is hard



Posted by Gentoo 4 months ago Report

good stuff!


Posted by Undernom 4 months ago Report

Gossssh I love how casually the prey is brushed aside here, fantastic stuff~


Posted by Garber09 4 months ago Report

OMG, this looks fucking amazing! That belly is so GOOD! ' 0' <3

Gotta say, you've been one of my biggest inspirations to become a vore artist, and pics like this remind me why, so keep up the good work!


Posted by Azuris 4 months ago Report

I rather enjoyed St. Miluina's, so this was a pleasant surprise. Love how you depicted the casual vore and humiliation.


Posted by fragbers 4 months ago Report


This picture instantly turned my knees to jelly even in thumbnail form...

Amazing work as always! :'D


Posted by Kalel27899 4 months ago Report

OMG , is amazing ????


Posted by Robotdocter 4 months ago Report

i played the game a lot and i dont recognize or remember betty at all, is she new?
Great art btw Lamp, always good to see more from you :)


Posted by OsmiumOrchid 4 months ago Report

Nope, Betty appears as early as the first day in the game! She's one of Alice's goons


Posted by Robotdocter 4 months ago Report

man i really need to replay it then, i dont even remember who alice is and i played the game a LOT lol


Posted by vore2412 4 months ago Report

I always try to get Emma digested by her but she's too important, so on day two I normally end up doing so instead.


Posted by Badfurson 4 months ago Report



Posted by Vant231 4 months ago Report



Posted by Reiko 4 months ago Report

Your SMVA stuff is always GOLDEN :3


Posted by ZoeGrits 4 months ago Report

Can't get enough of your art


Posted by Spider8Fiend 4 months ago Report

Betty just looks so... SMUG. I love it XD


Posted by AnAccount 4 months ago Report

Yes the smug makes this so awesome


Posted by sharkdude40 4 months ago Report

Wonderful job Lampton! Keep it up and you'll have a SMVA folder alongside the pokemon one.


Posted by TheWickedKing 4 months ago Report

Hey, this isn't KH III. You'll pay for this.


Posted by CakePisces 4 months ago Report

DANG this is topnotch!


Posted by Catvs 4 months ago Report

Seeing this stuff as always a treat


Posted by doomed 4 months ago Report

But like Betty is an awesome way to die


Posted by Keachie 4 months ago Report

One of my favourite scenes
Amazing work as usual


Posted by theweirdone445 4 months ago Report

Love this game and love your fanart~


Posted by fadetoblack19 4 months ago Report

Always great to see more of your art. Hoping that you'll eventually do more art of SMVA, particularly Emma and Sam.


Posted by Blackheartedreaper2 4 months ago Report

Damn eaten and humiliated


Posted by OsmiumOrchid 4 months ago Report

This looks amazing, you absolutely nailed this scene! Thanks so much for the fan art :)


Posted by Starcrossing 4 months ago Report

Amazing as always! That game has some great stuff in it.


Posted by TheShutin 4 months ago Report

MMM fantastic stuff, i particularly like how she's posed with the belly


Posted by BigJohnHagerty 4 months ago Report

Wonderful job on the expression, she looks very full of herself, and of her prey evidently


Posted by fuocoperpetuo 4 months ago Report

man, we need more of your stuff, always high quality


Posted by ReiREND 4 months ago Report

just wanted to say.


Now, have a good day :)


Posted by Glorbgon 4 months ago Report

Hell yeah! this is my favorite scene from the game and you captured it perfectly. I wish there were more scenes were Betty eats you, she's awesome.


Posted by Ragnow 4 months ago Report

I wish we could watch Betty actually digest Emma.
Everytime I watch that scene on a new update, hoping Betty will actually finish Emma off.


Posted by strongjimmy 4 months ago Report

Its always a good day when you post something. Another job well done!


Posted by Artist-san 4 months ago Report

I'm surprised to see art of this scene. It was actually harder for me to get the MC eaten by her than to escape. Good to see you're doing well.


Posted by Caustic 4 months ago Report



Posted by trevaphilipsinc 4 months ago Report

Such a good piece!


Posted by trevaphilipsinc 4 months ago Report

I just love the sadism and humiliation in this piece


Posted by Itstheone 4 months ago Report

Why am i just now discovering this game lol


Posted by SerenaBlaze 4 months ago Report

Awesome art and i love that game!


Posted by TinyHunter 4 months ago Report

LOVE the look on her face!


Posted by Galarn 4 months ago Report

Nice one <3 I love bratty preds >:3 . Nice tight belly as always ~


Posted by DonburiBowl 4 months ago Report

I was JUST finishing this, and I fell in love with Betty!
Thank you for this amazing art of her, you just keep getting better!


Posted by Liz 4 months ago Report

Love it Lampton :)
The smug look really makes it in this one, overall awesome job and I enjoy that game too ^^


Posted by BIGKONG 4 months ago Report

I really like content where vore is actually a part of the world. It’s an actual threat


Posted by Leika 4 months ago Report

I'm not familiar with the game but this is just perfect in every way.


Posted by cloud8745 4 months ago Report

Amazing pic. This inspired me to go play this game again, and I actually just got Emma to digest Betty. It was a great time!


Posted by Mordecai777 4 months ago Report

Im really excited about everything you do so can’t wait for the next one


Posted by HotGirlTummy 4 months ago Report

It would be worth getting digested to be the one who put that look on her face.


Posted by Ome 4 months ago Report

Having just gotten then scene where the PC and Emma eat Betty, makes this even better somehow.
I mean she totally deserves to get eaten but still.


Posted by Thing12 4 months ago Report

How do you get this ending? Never seen it before


Posted by Lampton 3 months ago Report

Think you gotta taunt Alice during the tour and help Emma against Betty in the cookout on day 1, then follow Emma after breakfast on day 2 to trigger the potential vore scene with Betty.


Posted by Delta0 4 months ago Report

I do not like Betty. I think she's an interesting character and I would certainly dommy mommy her if ever given the chance, but until then she's my fodder.


Posted by Ferno 4 months ago Report

Really wondering how do I get this game over?


Posted by Lampton 3 months ago Report

If I remember correctly you have to taunt Alice during the tour and then help Emma against Betty at the cookout on day 1. If you then choose to walk with Emma after breakfast on day 2, you'll get ambushed and can be eaten by Betty.


Posted by Ferno 3 months ago Report

Thanks I'll try it out


Posted by carlj 3 months ago Report

Lovely ^^


Posted by Silentlyred 3 months ago Report

I wouldn’t mind ending up in that teacher


Posted by dmnxd 3 months ago Report

Im a willing test object for that beauty~ Very nice work^^


Posted by TheShutin 1 month ago Report

HEcKing Betty, i was so happy to get the option to hunt her at the end of the week