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you can call me jer. i only like male doms in this fetish. female and ? prey is fine, i guess. i like ov, av, hard ov, farting (fav), digestion, scat disposal, burping (sorta), and buttcrush. i really do Not like feet, cock, or nose stuff, which, i know is usually what male preds are associated with, but whatever. also don't like traps or femboys (read: girls with penises; futanari; etc). not usually a fan of furry stuff, but sometimes it happens. i don't have anything against furries, though!

wish there was more m/m stuff on here. needless to say, i prefer micro/macro to same-size, but at the end of the day, i'll take what i can get.

i'll mostly write but i'm decent at traditional drawing so maybe once in a while i'll draw smth. i can't promise i'll always draw, but, sometimes. :')

yeah i know i still have to upload. i'll do it someday, i swear

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here it is.

it's kind of average for an m/m Macro/Micro shrinking story but i am a person of simple pleasures. i also was somewhat intoxicated when writing it.

basically a dude (in college) has a lot of twinky friends (in college) who may or may not secretly like him (in college), and he winds up shrunk around them (in college). what they do with him is Up To You. i gave some hints as to what the twink Might Do but you don't have to follow that, i'm just stirring the pot. BUT i do ask that there be small amounts of penis. i would prefer something obscure like pec vore instead of cock vore, in all honesty.

i don't...
[ Continued ... ]

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