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hi there,
I've been looking for stories that contain my favorite parts of vore, but didn't find all that much on this site, so I figured, why not make my own stories?
So, here we are. I'm mainly interested in gluttonous gassy male predators with bulging bellies, so this is what most of my stories will contain. However, I don't mind female preds and will use them every once in a while. I'm equally into human and anthro vore and will use both in my stories.
I'm also quite into feedism, so you'll probably notice that I include lots of food and stuffing into my vore stories.
That being said, I'm quite flexible when it comes to vore. So I'll probably try my hand at different things :D.
And of course, I'm always open for any suggestion or feedback.

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Oww this is totally different from what I imagined,
Laura thought with hazy eyes, and shaky breath. Her whole body was squeezed so tightly, forced to curl into a ball by the merciless, muscular stomach walls around her.

Her limbs bended in ways she never knew
possible before this moment. Her arms were pressed tightly into her back while her hands and fingers bended awkwardly. Her feet pressed into her face, and only after a struggle she

The mice inside the cage ran wildly in terror after seeing the coming visitor. They ran into each other
, squeaking and squealing desperately. After all, falling into the hands of this visitor is nothing short of a nightmare. Every time he broke into this lab, one of the them faced an awful death. But something was different about him tonight. The weird predatory gleam in his eyes told them that he won’t be satisfied with just one of them this time.

“Holy crap!” James yelled with eyes wide open. He just received a message from his parents saying that they are coming for a visit.

His parents are no ordinary parents. They’ve always been extremely overprotective to an absurd degree. James remembered the times in school when he accidentally complained about one of his classmates, only for this classmate to disappear the next day and never be heard of again. Or the time in middle school when he lost a f

Steve walked down the road in a hurry to return home and meet his wife. His grey skin, accompanied by his big gut and toothy grin made him look like the stereotypical hippo in his mid thirties.

Yet, in his wife's Jenna's eyes, he was the most handsome animal in the whole jungle. The two of them have been married for ten years now. However, this year something exciting happened. Jenna is finally pregnant !

They have wanted a child for as long as

“I’m meeting up with the guys after a while, Tim.” Said Craig, the handsome guy, talking to his little brother.

And little he was. Tim stood on a table with a body no taller than a finger. He wasn’t always like that. He used to be a normal high school boy. Sure, he was never anything extraordinary in the looks or height department, but he was normal. Until one day, he woke up to find himself buried under his much larger blanket and the whole world

“Give up, you’re cornered!” a manly voice shouted from the end of the alley before the sound echoed inside the narrow passage.

The thief looked frantically in every direction, searching for any place that he can escape through, but he was indeed cornered. Two bulky men advanced towards him, dressed in police uniforms, one of them looking obviously older than the other. Their massive, heavy guts pushed against the fabric of their tight shirts, signaling

“Dude, I’m telling you he’s crazy! You’d better quit tomorrow and tell him that you changed your mind.” said Alex enthusiastically as he looked at his roommate Nick.

The two guys have known each other for a couple of years now and have only decided to move together to cut on living expenses last month. Alex was quite an ordinary guy. The type of person that you wouldn’t look at twice if he passed in front of you on a street. He was of

“BWWORP This one is quite lively, don’t you think?” he said as he felt the struggling tiny human slipping through his throat, then falling into his stomach.

“Yup, he sure is.” Replied the beautiful woman feeding him with a grin.

They both sat naked on the double bed surrounded by countless plates, most already emptied of their contents and some still full of food calling to be eaten.


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If you have done it on the past I must find it. I've scoured through the tag already hoping for more.


Posted by Bentaygo 1 year ago

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I like post Vore sex. Always like the idea of some one having plesure while others digest.


Posted by Bentaygo 1 year ago

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I mean it was amazing. I hope you do more just like that.


Posted by TheRPKing 1 year ago

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You're welcome! Keep up the great work man!


Posted by Belloc 1 year ago

Thanks for watching!


Posted by njeraldson2 1 year ago

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you're welcome! :)

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