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hi there,
I've been looking for stories that contain my favorite parts of vore, but didn't find all that much on this site, so I figured, why not make my own stories?
So, here we are. I'm mainly interested in gluttonous gassy male predators with bulging bellies, and I intend to write mostly about this. However, I don't mind female preds and will use them every once in a while. I'm equally into human and anthro vore and will use both in my stories.
I'm also quite into feedism, so you'll probably notice that I include lots of food and stuffing into my vore stories.
That being said, I'm quite flexible when it comes to vore. So I'll probably try my hand at different things :D.
And of course, I'm always open for any suggestion or feedback.

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Linda hummed happily as she entered her house. She could smell the turkey that she put in the oven, before leaving to run her errand, all over the place. She felt proud of her cooking skills that can get people drooling through miles.

"Darling, are you home?" A manly voice asked.

"Oh! Sweetheart, you're home already?" She asked her hulking husband Jordan.

"Yeah we finished work earlier than exp

" You may kiss the bride" mark's heart fluttered in his chest. He was now married to the love of his life, Sandy. He leaned in for a kiss, taking the plump lips of his wife in his, then dreamily looked at her. She looked absolutely stunning. Her beautiful blond hair was put up in an elegant updo, and her simple dress clung to her slim body making her look like a model. And from this day on, all this beauty will be his alone.

A sudden feminine laugh rung aroun

Sandra clenched her fists in anguish. That jerk! That asshole! She'll put him in his place. Revenge will definitely happen. Her shitty ex, John, had cheated on her. He used her for

two years

, taking money from her and staying over at her place, treating her like a


, and she endured it



"I promise you'll be safe!" Brian said reassuring her.

Mary was really reluctant. But her boyfriend looked at her expectantly and


. She always knew he had ...


interesting fetishes, to say the least. And she was always eager to please him. But this time, it just looked risky

Sandra hummed in the kitchen preparing the ingredients to start cooking.

Salt, paper, a bunch of spices, oil and most importantly... meat. She licked her lips looking at the five tied up elves, staring at her with terrified eyes.

Sandra was what humans liked to call a giantess.

She stood at a tall 10 feet, with a body to die for. She was big in all the right places alongside with a small pot belly that was the result of

Emma placed her well-manicured hand on the round globe of her stuffed belly and stifled a burp. She glanced at the man feeding her, almost laughing at his enchanted expression. Then she surveyed all the empty plates thrown around her pudgy body.

What can she say? She's lucky. Always been lucky. For some reason Emma was born with a very useful gift. She had pheromones that can charm any man and make him a slave to her desires.

There hasn't been a

Andrew was bored. Immensely bored. His days seemed to repeat themselves these days. Nothing new was happening. Being the sly fox he was, he craved some sort of prey that he can somehow manipulate or have fun with instead of shoving them down his throat by force like he does everyday.

A refreshing series of quacks and splashes of water made him turn his head enthusiastically to follow the sound. His smile grew wide when he laid his eyes on his next meal. Seven little duc

Ian stretched in his bed as he watched his mother, Betty, bringing him a giant tray of breakfast food. Today wasn't anything unusual. His mother spoiled him all day every day and showered him with love and affection. Being her only son of her husband who passed away long ago she wanted to give him everything he wanted. When he said he didn’t want to go to school she immediately complied and he was home-schooled. Whenever he asked for something she'd immediately comply and get it even if sh

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Posted by RexLou 1 year ago Report

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It’s my favorite part without a doubt, having a predator be so proud of what they’ve done. And yeah, I get that. I usually just try to have different kinds of post-digestion domination, like a weight gain focus or belching up bones or something else like that.


Posted by RexLou 1 year ago Report

<< Reply To stuffedpotbellies

I really get a kick out of how you write belches and weight gain. I'm not much into toilet stuff, but you have some elements in your stories that still draw me to them!


Posted by RexLou 1 year ago Report

Thank you very much for the favorite! It means a lot that you enjoy my work considering how some of your stories have inspired mine!


Posted by Maja 2 years ago Report

Thanks so much for the favorite! I'm so glad you like my work :)

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Posted by chubbysong321 3 years ago Report

Thanks for the fav


Posted by Bentaygo 4 years ago Report

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If you have done it on the past I must find it. I've scoured through the tag already hoping for more.


Posted by Bentaygo 4 years ago Report

<< Reply To stuffedpotbellies

I like post Vore sex. Always like the idea of some one having plesure while others digest.


Posted by Bentaygo 4 years ago Report

<< Reply To stuffedpotbellies

I mean it was amazing. I hope you do more just like that.


Posted by TheRPKing 4 years ago Report

<< Reply To stuffedpotbellies

You're welcome! Keep up the great work man!


Posted by Belloc 4 years ago Report

Thanks for watching!


Posted by njeraldson2 4 years ago Report

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you're welcome! :)

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