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oVOREwatch [Animated] By Tsavo -- Report

People wanted to see more Overwatch vore comics, so here it is. Commissioned by the wonderful  vision as a continuation of his Heroes Never Die strip. It's also animated! This is my first completed animation. I've dabbled in animation before, but never put any serious work into one. So here it is, 24 frames of animated goodness (I hope). You probably won't see too many animations from me, otherwise you'd only hear from me every few years.

So here it is. Mercy has finished gobbling up the heroines of Overwatch, and is enjoying a night in bed while her stuffed belly bulges with the struggles of prey.

I had a lot of fun working on this. Although there was a lot of hair pulling as well. Animation is hard, everyone knows that. But sheesh, I absolutely underestimated just how difficult this project would be. I have a newly found appreciation for animators beyond just admiring their talent.

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Posted by AdjectiveNounCombo 3 years ago Report

I'm a big fan of that burping animation in panel 2.


Posted by Tsavo 3 years ago Report

Thanks. I'm glad some people share my love of silly, embarrassing burps.


Posted by noisekeeper 3 years ago Report

Geeze and here I thought your belches couldn't get even more amazing haha. Really impressed with the animated frames. Great job on this one Tsavo!


Posted by Tsavo 3 years ago Report

Thanks! It's not perfect, but I learned a lot, and my next works will be much better for it.


Posted by Draconatedz 3 years ago Report

Amazing job here! That belch will be one to remember.


Posted by DragonqueenShyvana 3 years ago Report

ou man this is so awsome i want to see this with pharah too xD nice


Posted by Predaking54 3 years ago Report



Posted by MouseBoy 3 years ago Report

*sits in a pool of blood, from a bloody nose*


Posted by Tsavo 3 years ago Report

Can we get a doctor in here?


Posted by SeekGr 3 years ago Report

Damn! this it amazing!! ow0!!


Posted by Furanz 3 years ago Report

Head in my fuckin' hands, man.. This is insanely good.
I can imagine this was a pain in the dick at parts, but you've really gone a brilliant job on it. (That burping panel is my favourite)

Very well done!!


Posted by Tsavo 3 years ago Report

Never thought of it that way, but yeah, that about describes it. Worth it though. I'm glad people like it.


Posted by BubbaGhost 3 years ago Report

This is freaking amazing!!!!!!!!


Posted by Skeletop 3 years ago Report

Holy shit, this is new. Man this is your best work so far.


Posted by Toyamura 3 years ago Report

great work on that third panel


Posted by Tsavo 3 years ago Report

Thanks, that panel was honestly harder to animate than I thought it would be. A lot of time spent flipping back and forth through layers like an idiot.


Posted by Cheezycake 3 years ago Report

Your work is always amazing.


Posted by NekoYuki 3 years ago Report

Awesome quality animation. very smooth,
I always love your digestion stuff, both graphic and non,


Posted by Tsavo 3 years ago Report

It's smooth enough, but I'd love to add even more frames for my next attempt. Whenever that is.


Posted by Shady_Knight 3 years ago Report

It's a shame you won't animate much, because for a first attempt, this is very well animated. Now, if only that bulge was traveling down her neck instead of up...


Posted by Tsavo 3 years ago Report

It's a bit rough around the edges in places, but thanks!

If I do another animation (and I will), there will be some actual vore. I promise!


Posted by Garwood 3 years ago Report

Holy fuck, this is astounding work.


Posted by Hola 3 years ago Report

I prefer smaller belly but it's nice


Posted by Humbug 3 years ago Report

Oh damn. Impressive!


Posted by ZRex030 3 years ago Report

Seeing your burps animated has cured my depression and allowed me to walk again for the first time in 12 years


Posted by Tsavo 3 years ago Report



Posted by Squiggly 3 years ago Report

Holy fucking shit.

God damn.

Spectacular job.


Posted by kdanielss 3 years ago Report

Oh shit, this is some delicious animation, and unexpected 0__0


Posted by CratedCheese 3 years ago Report

wow, this seriously turned out absolutely amazing!


Posted by Boo54000 3 years ago Report

Splendid man!

Just a quick (and maybe a bit silly) question, any chance to get a non animated version? Or maybe a separated pic of the stomach shot, to see it with a higher resolution?

Anyway, great job here :)


Posted by Tsavo 3 years ago Report

I do have a higher resolution version without the animation, but I will have to put it together. I'll upload that if there's a demand for it, or I can always just PM it to you when I'm done.


Posted by Boo54000 3 years ago Report

Sounds good to me, PM me when you're done then ;)
Thank you man!


Posted by DoubleOSnake 3 years ago Report

Somehow, you friggin' outdone yourself! This is amazing! Hope to see more animations in the future! <3


Posted by hamilton4 3 years ago Report

Ooooooohhhhh wow~ This is absolutely outstanding!


Posted by linthia 3 years ago Report

That's so freaking good <3


Posted by JoraBora 3 years ago Report

I love this for a multitude of reasons I can't even begin to list.

However, and it's gonna sound a bit odd, but I'm glad to see your cel-shading come back, even if only briefly. Your color choices with it are just wonderful, and it really packs a punch.

I also see why you noted the clothes belching on one of my pieces. Indeed, it is a favorite around here X3


Posted by Tsavo 3 years ago Report

I'd still be working on this if I tried to animate it with soft shading. A fast artist, I am not. But the hard edges of cel-shading are fun to play with. I'm glad you agree. I spent a lot of time trying to get the tone of Mercy's skin right in the dim moonlit light. Not sure I quite hit the mark, but it was fun to try.

I'm glad you like the piece. Your rapidly increasing talent motivates me to do strive to do better.


Posted by JoraBora 3 years ago Report

You're gonna make me blush XD

I think you probably could have reduced the saturation on her skin a little more to try and get the blueish of the moonlight a little more, but I think this works well for a dim interior scene. c:


Posted by NotMax 3 years ago Report

For a first animation this is incredibly well done! Much respect.


Posted by Hozomat 3 years ago Report

Wow...I have no words...I could watch this all day ! *o*


Posted by nnn4463 3 years ago Report

Oh damn, that's such a great job
Especially love the burping animation, really well done


Posted by whatisthissheet 3 years ago Report

This is all just glorious, but that 3rd and fourth panel is just amazing and the way she leans back in the fifth one is just awesome. Animation is perfect.

The dialogue is especially good too.

Best vore drawing yet.


Posted by Tsavo 3 years ago Report

Wow, thanks for the praise. I'm currently beating my ego back with a stick right now. If you opened it frame by frame, I'm sure you noticed a few goofy looking, out of place poses in there. Being in motion helps smooth out some of the silliness.

Panel 3 was like working in the dark. I had no idea what I was doing, and was just crossing my fingers that when I finally compiled it, the results looked good. Mostly because unlike the burp animation I worked on the belly gif from frame 1 to 12, instead of keyframing it like the burp.

I love the dialogue too! You can thank Vision for that. The script was all his, and he was pretty specific about what he wanted to see.

Anyway, thanks for the support. I'm always very critical of my own work. Which I think any artist who aims to improve can identify with. So I think they would agree as well that knowing people enjoy your works despite all the flaws you see in them, means a lot. Even if it's just kinky art.


Posted by Moegami 3 years ago Report

Really awesome. Did you consider making it an APNG to preserve all the colors? Animated PNG works in browsers and also in Honeyview (only image viewer to support it I believe). Just a thought.


Posted by Tsavo 3 years ago Report

I used to make PNG sprite animations from packs ad a kid a long time ago. But waaaay back then they were barely supported so my works rarely left my computer. I'll check out the filesize and see how feasible it is. Thanks.


Posted by UltimaSlash 3 years ago Report


Angela still has plenty of heroines to collect. Heroes never escape her stomach!


Posted by starhotbar 3 years ago Report



Posted by jack27 3 years ago Report

Wow =O Now this is impressive work. I have always loved the way you do those bulges, but this takes everything to the next level. The animations are excellent, I love the expression when she burps... and the 3rd panel is just perfect.

What wonderfully detailed and sexy work =)


Posted by Tsavo 3 years ago Report

Thanks, I was sort of going by the seat of my pants here on that 3rd panel, so I'm glad it worked out and people like it.

I won't be doing animations all the time, but this is certainly not the last one from me you'll see.


Posted by torontofan 3 years ago Report

Everything about that burp is perfect


Posted by chaosnasder 3 years ago Report

I love that belch! Amazing work!!


Posted by ApertureScience 3 years ago Report

wow, this is all new kinds of fantastic and I havent even played overwatch. this is just amazing


Posted by JustALittleVore 3 years ago Report

Gaaaah! This is so good!!


Posted by lllll1337 3 years ago Report

I'd favorite this a hundred times if I could
You've outdone yourself on this one, man


Posted by Tsavo 3 years ago Report

Thanks, glad you like it!


Posted by smartalecks 3 years ago Report

I don't know why but that burping animation just after she starts that burp and gets that crazy face is my favorite part


Posted by Tsavo 3 years ago Report

I do enjoy the way she seems to have a guilty pleasure about it.


Posted by smartalecks 3 years ago Report

If you could upload the animation stills that'd be awesome


Posted by Tsavo 3 years ago Report

I don't think that's something I'll do, as that's about 36 frames of animation, (though there's a few who are quite similar), and I don't want to notification bomb people who are subbed to me. I may upload a few key frames, or show some behind the scenes stuff though.


Posted by RoTheHuman 3 years ago Report

as always your artwork is great! love the inside shot, and the poses on the characters. Very sexy!


Posted by Tsavo 3 years ago Report

Thanks, internals are a lotta fun to work on, if not a headache inducer at times.


Posted by Emimon 3 years ago Report

wow, this is gold, amazing job


Posted by Goblingobler 3 years ago Report

Really cool c: I like the burping up clothes!


Posted by Tsavo 3 years ago Report

It's a fun detail i think a lot of us enjoy.


Posted by Misuchi 3 years ago Report

Holy sh*t.


Posted by Pinhead2212 3 years ago Report

Wow, fantastic animation. You're a really good artist


Posted by Tsavo 3 years ago Report

I duno about that, but I'm glad I found a community who enjoys my art.


Posted by Greg432 3 years ago Report

Absolutely superb! I know I'm not the first to say it, but panel two is just incredible


Posted by Agora 3 years ago Report

This is just legendary stuff. The attention to detail is astounding.


Posted by Evilpancake 3 years ago Report



Posted by Cipher123 3 years ago Report



Posted by porlay 3 years ago Report

Not bad at all, but I'm still really hoping that you can get to something with Majin Android 21, from FighterZ, sometime soon. I'd really like that. Might be fun! I do still adore this one, though, don't get me wrong!:)


Posted by rockysavannah 3 years ago Report

Mercy looks nice with her hair down.


Posted by Apparitionized 3 years ago Report

lol mercy has no mercy.

..i want to be eaten by her..


Posted by crufl 3 years ago Report

You always knock it out of the park, but this is something special! Great job!


Posted by Arianisus 3 years ago Report

i wish you'd draw league too ;-; it's goddamn perfect O_o


Posted by Shinsworth 3 years ago Report

Man, someone beat me to the "no Mercy" joke.

Incredible stuff, that animation is just stunning!


Posted by CMvoreroom 3 years ago Report

I don't know why it took me this long to see this XS Sorry
Anyway, this is a great mixture of comic and animation, very nicely done Tsavo >U<7


Posted by pridmore2 3 years ago Report

can you do one that happens after this where widow maker and the others escaped but mercy wakes up and eats tracer mei,dva then widow maker turns into a giantess and eats mercy


Posted by Whereaminow27 2 years ago Report

How many panels are supposed to be animated?


Posted by Tsavo 2 years ago Report

Only two. Animating the whole thing would have taken much longer and cost a bit much.


Posted by Flyingmanatee 2 years ago Report

That Burp animation is just perfect! Just like your artstyle

And those in her belly must be like "Please, Have Mercy!"


Posted by pridmore2 2 years ago Report

why don't you do a sequel


Posted by pridmore2 2 years ago Report

do more