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Giraffe MOM COMIC (fan art) By BIGBIG -- Report

As said at the bottom of the comic
Giraffe MOM is NOT a canon Vore character

G.M. belongs to Javanshir -

This comic is the continuation of the fan made comic by Shyguy9 -

which was made as a follow up to Javanshir's casting couch series:
part 1 -
part 2 -
part 3 -

Shyguy's comic:
Starts here -

Then comes my the comic you just scrolled through ;)

That being said... Long time that I have posted any furry stuff... Let me know what do you guys think about cute furry preds like this? Should there be more of it?

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Posted by FanficFetishist 1 month ago Report

Alternative tactic - Call her hawt and offer sex in exchange for letting her off the hook.


Posted by Alice3hoping 1 month ago Report

well if it work, it works out well. if it doesn't work, she gets to become EXTRA T H I C C.


Posted by FanficFetishist 1 month ago Report



Posted by UnidentifiedTurian 1 month ago Report

Turned out amazing.


Posted by DarkArtist 1 month ago Report

I don't think I can even come close to describing how absolutely beautiful this is. <3 This is one of your best if you ask me!


Posted by Sparkachu 1 month ago Report

This is the first time i actually checked in on the stream several times throughout the day, and im amazed at the detail you put into it. Each time i checked there was something new added in


Posted by MrQuarantine 1 month ago Report

This came out amazing big. Was cool watching you work on this first hand, the extra detail really brought it all together.


Posted by DemonioBlanco 1 month ago Report

I guess canon is a subject people take really seriously on their vorelore?


Posted by BIGBIG 1 month ago Report

Some just don't want to be overrun by fans who want to see stuff what their character doesent supposed to do. Which is very much understandable.


Posted by Shyguy9 1 month ago Report

You should definitely draw more furry stuff. This is incredible.


Posted by Sriseru 1 month ago Report

I very much second this!


Posted by BusinessAsUsual 3 weeks ago Report

I very much concur. It's always nice to see furry art done in a more traditional style to mix things up.


Posted by Wolfknight130 1 month ago Report

Oh my god, yes. Giraffe vore is criminally underrated and awesome X3


Posted by AfraArt 1 month ago Report

Oi, where can I get that BigBig-mobile?

Fantistic Work on GM man!~


Posted by KheraTheWolf 1 month ago Report

Never realized how good of an idea a giraffe pred is!


Posted by TheMysteriousSadSack 1 month ago Report

get stick bugged lol


Posted by Redfire 1 month ago Report

sexy~ <3 <3 <3 <3


Posted by Demonking44 1 month ago Report

I spat out my drink and been crying with laughter for a good 10 minutes at the "sudden case of abnormal pregnancy".


Posted by Estee 1 month ago Report

Oh my god, yes! Giraffe Mom was one of those characters for me that I always would have loved to see in vore but thought I wouldn't because I didn't know Javanshir was into vore. Or at least accepting enough of it that they wouldn't mind seeing one of their characters in it. No here's crossing my fingers that perhaps one day that huge MILF is gonna be prey in one of those pieces. Love me some BBW prey.


Posted by JohnnyF102 1 month ago Report

Pretty awesome


Posted by Sempai13 1 month ago Report

amaaaaaaaazing. Loving me som G.M. <3


Posted by RG9812 1 month ago Report

None shall know her secret of that video


Posted by helenarlet 1 month ago Report

I think this might be the first time I've seen you do furry characters and DAMN, you're amazing at it.


Posted by BIGBIG 1 month ago Report

I have more scattered through my galleries. ;)


Posted by meuporg490 1 month ago Report

Just a question dear BIGBIG: first Shyguy9 and then you; Is there a specific reason why the two of you decided to make a fanart of Giraffe Mom? Is it because you both just simply love the character or is there another reason?


Posted by BIGBIG 1 month ago Report

I can't speak for shyguy but I think its the same for both of us. and that is "simply lovig the character"


Posted by meuporg490 3 weeks ago Report

It's so beautiful and inspiring :')


Posted by Xalloir 1 month ago Report

big furry man !
(she looks fucking dope in your style damn)


Posted by DemHoundDays 1 month ago Report

Holy sh*t this is amazing !... Giraffe preds are awesome, and it's always great to see more furry stuff from you ! Wish I could fave this more than once.

Also, while I understand GM being uncomfortable with that video, I think being known for a deepthroat sextape is better than being known for being a man-eating serial killer '3'


Posted by Anon2727 1 month ago Report

Giraffe mom is best mom!<3


Posted by sybungo 1 month ago Report

bigbig yet again making peak vore content


Posted by threk 1 month ago Report

This came out super well


Posted by VincentShadowScale 1 month ago Report

I love this so much


Posted by DarkGloose12 1 month ago Report

It looks really good, honestly this is my favorite comic you have made :D


Posted by RandomInjury 1 month ago Report

She's got fabulous 80s hair.


Posted by RandomInjury 1 month ago Report

What of the next car in line.


Posted by BIGBIG 1 month ago Report

As long as they didn't saw her video and mention it to her. They are safe. RIGHT?


Posted by Bright 1 month ago Report

Impressive how they managed to eat the ones in the backseat as well.

Really like the angles.


Posted by DARK13 1 month ago Report

Great! now thanks to you I'm into Giraffe milfs too XD


Posted by pokebreeder25 1 month ago Report

aw man the best part was skipped


Posted by BIGBIG 1 month ago Report

what is the best part?


Posted by pokebreeder25 1 month ago Report

the part where its shown her stuffing the people in the car into her mouth one by one. showing the full swallowing is the best part in vore XD. also what that blue furred girl in the back a lucario?


Posted by overfuck 1 month ago Report

I love that you added some variety with a giraffe pred in contrast of always doing normal human ones. Great work and keep it up!


Posted by HMDVore 1 month ago Report

hooooly fuck bigbig


Posted by Callen 1 month ago Report

bigbig,you have talent with furry's too, so please do more furry stuff.


Posted by Makuta 1 month ago Report

I can only agree with the others. The comic is awesome and yes, I would love to see more Furry Preds from you.


Posted by RedNastyFoxy 1 month ago Report

Oooh my, she's sooo hawt! Wish I could be her next meal! ^__^


Posted by DireZyre 1 month ago Report

I like to think that Ruka just ate them all in there, may as well at that point ;3


Posted by Mettra 1 month ago Report

Huh im confused why did she suddenly nomf them out of nowhere like that?


Posted by BIGBIG 1 month ago Report

perhaps read the comic and then the description as well ;)


Posted by Mettra 1 month ago Report

Ah ok my bad ^^'


Posted by Rothar 1 month ago Report

Poor G.M, had Shyguy make one vore comic featuring their character and now everyone's horny for vore with Giraffe mom.


Posted by Destroyah23 1 month ago Report

I'd be down to see more of this character


Posted by meuporg490 1 month ago Report

There should be definitely more of it ! You're very good for drawing cute human girls, but a little change from time to time doesn't hurt ;)


Posted by neoomegashadow96 1 month ago Report

poor giraffe


Posted by Diodon 1 month ago Report

Ooh, I want to see inside!


Posted by salvarfawkes 1 month ago Report

You are one of the only artists I follow who does a lot of human stuff. I would *love* it if you drew more furries.


Posted by Rawr534 1 month ago Report

What bout the car now


Posted by daeway 2 weeks ago Report

It's kind of like vegetables. She doesn't WANT to eat it, but she's probably going to have to. Or because there is not a car behind them, they just call a service to tow it way but that solution doesn't have vore in it so we'll go with the former.


Posted by Badfurson 1 month ago Report

Everything about this is absolutely perfect~


Posted by Rhaegaldragon 1 month ago Report

Lovely comic!


Posted by Hurb 1 month ago Report

God you really should draw more furry stuff <3
Amazing art as awlays UwU

Big D

Posted by Big D 1 month ago Report

I would just rush forward, move her panties to the side and stick my face between her asscheeks. She can't swallow you whole if you're hiding behind her.


Posted by xxxxrevanxxxx 1 month ago Report

Excellent content right here


Posted by Sonaku 1 month ago Report

and STILL i get stickbugged!


Posted by GassyBlossom31 1 month ago Report

This reminds me of a Dark Souls meme. Customers see Giraffe Mom. Tell her about the secret, all of a sudden, she becomes "Giraffe Mom: The Devourer" and eats everyone who knows "YOU DIED"


Posted by JimboLimbo 1 month ago Report



Posted by raya 1 month ago Report

You spoiled us with this one, amazin' as always.


Posted by JodyBreezy 1 month ago Report

goddamn you made giraffe mom unbelievably sexy. this is my favorite thing from you hands down. jesus.


Posted by Sriseru 1 month ago Report

Holy fuuuuuuck, BIGBIG! You may not do furry content a lot, but when you do, it's GODLY! <3


Posted by moonlightshy 1 month ago Report

so. i guess she doesnt like being famous?


Posted by daeway 2 weeks ago Report

The really awesome part of the comic is the prey. There are five distinct characters, all of which are different species and sizes. AND SHE JUST INHALES THEM ALL EFFORLESSLY! Like, they didn't stand a chance in the slightest! Also Giraffe Mom is a pretty chill character, so SUPER AWESOME APEX PREDATOR FOR THE WIN!