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Mistress Morgan:

You have officially found yourself somewhere you don’t belong. You heard some noises coming from an abandoned house. In your investigation of the place you have not seen anything dangerous. The place actually seems down right cozy; almost like someone was squatting here. But you still hear these moans from the basement. As you slowly take it one step at a time, your eyes lay witness to a strange sort of affairs.

Mistress Morgan:

The sun set on the city yet again. The sky lights up with a beautiful orange and yellow and the windows shine bright with its reflection. As the sun set many people sit down for dinner. Hunger fills all of them, and they need to feed. But for most this evolves cooking, plates, and an oven but for some all they need is a back alley and a person in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Rab c

Fin swam as hard as he could, following his friend as she darted in and out between the formations of rock and coral that dotted the bottom of the sea floor, occasionally getting a glimpse of her emerald-green scales or her bright red hair before she disappeared once again. The young fish was exhausted from swimming for so long, but felt that he had to keep going for her sake. It was a great honor to be friends with the princess, his mother had told him, greater than any treasure or wonder that

You were walking home after a long day, tired and exhausted, when you decided to take a shortcut through an old, mostly abandoned block of warehouses that was now home only to rats, criminals, and the occasional rat-themed criminal. You started to regret taking this route when you were nearly knocked off your feet, the ground shaking as the sound of explosives fills your ears from somewhere nearby. Turning the corner, curious as to what was happening, you can only gawk at the sight before you as

You, along with most of the rest of your tribe, were gathered in the middle of the village square, preparing for tonight's festivities. The celebration was in honor of the tribe's greatest hero: a swordsman, dressed in simple robes, who had slain a terrible beast that had been plaguing your ancestors; a man known as Samurai Jack.
Long ago a skittering, towering beast with red, hateful eyes and armor that could not be pierced began to wage war with your people. It had laid waste to the co

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