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Jack was
feeling quite tense. He wanted the special surgery, but the chances
weren't that great. The girls next to him were really skinny, and
from his research what he had found was that there was a high chance
that he would be the one to be processed.
He was just waiting for his turn at the office.
other doctor's offices, the place didn't have boring magazines. There
were pics of people showing of there perfect bodies. The place was
called the Adonis

Portrait of a Man
looked down at the address in his hands. He knew that the location
was going to be in a desolate place, but he hadn't imagined this. The
place was a mansion, with forests surrounding the place. He could
hear a lot of animals in the background. It looked like something
straight from a horror movie. He didn't really want to go in, but the
pay was supposed to be good. Also he had spent a lot of money on gas
already. He was pretty much broke, and with mounting

Rogue's Hunger 2
she jogged around the
block, Rogue still remembered about the time when she had
eaten and digested Kurt. She thanked the gods that
everyone had assumed that he was lost at
sea. No one was suspicious of her. Her thoughts were occluded from
telepaths, so she was safe from even them. She had to take care not
to teleport in front of someone, as it was
just so convenient. Her thoughts took her to
wondering who her next victim should be and
how she would eat that pe

Rogue’s Hunger Awakens
Kurt was running along, performing highly acrobatic maneuvers that
displayed all of his agility. They were fighting against the
brotherhood again, and as usual the fight was on almost equal
grounds. He had been separated from the other X-men, trying to fight
Rogue and prevent her from taking the talisman. He just hoped Scott
and Jean would take care of the others and came back to pick him up
on the island. He wasn't sure if they knew of his exact location

hope I am showing this letter to you myself as we laugh about the old
times, but if not, then that probably means I am dead. If I have not
said it sufficient number of times I’ll say it again .I love you. I
love you with all my heart.
hope I went out fighting, but however it was I hope you can move on.
With the world we live in, most probably I was eaten and am a pile of
shit in someone’s toilet. I am being blunt here just to remind you
of the fa

do you feel?” Ashley, asked Bob, who preferred to go by his last
name Eaton. He had been ridiculed a lot for his name, Ashley smirked,
licking her lips at how every girl had mocked him. He had grown up
fine though. A gorgeous hunk, standing almost as tall as her
freakish height at 6'2’’, he had a chiselled frame that was built
for adventure sports. They had been going out for the past six
months, and their shared love for adventure had kept their

replied”What’s special about today?”, in an offhanded tone .
Without warning she swallowed his legs, putting them inside her
petite belly. A few minutes later while he begged, he was inside her,
wondering what he had done wrong. As he was digested away, despite
his pleading he wondered if keeping the surprise for their
anniversary was worth the cost.
my turn”, Naruto said, after Ino vomited her out. With a sudden
lunge, he transformed into a woman

Prey Episode 2
“And welcome to the
eating special of Perfect Prey. As you saw an hour ago, Patrick was
chosen to be eliminated. Hehe. And as he didn’t qualify for the
dating round, we can directly show you Madam Kristina eating him. So
let’s give a big round of applause for Madam Kristina. She will now
give the suggestions she gave for how she wanted Patrick to be
prepared.”, Jenny said, moving the mike towards Kristina
“Yes, Jenny. Every
predator has a unique p

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