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Acid Bath By Lampton -- Report

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some more MHA, this time with an extra dose of acid. Tried grayscaling for once, might as well have gone with full color for the time it took to get done.
(big thanks to draconatedz for helping with the dialogue once again!)

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Posted by Spider8Fiend 2 months ago Report

Just because Momo was good at book learning doesn’t mean she’s good at reading Mina’s intentions. Sometimes jocks just gotta melt the nerdy girls before they learn a lesson... or not... either way, Mina will look great once she’s digested Momo~


Posted by ThirtyCelcius 2 months ago Report



Posted by ThirtyCelcius 2 months ago Report

Im still doing monkey noises


Posted by Rowigrath 2 months ago Report

Ooooh, this is good! Ashido definitely makes for a great pred.

Excellent work on this, Lampton!


Posted by Robotdocter 2 months ago Report

love the fact you chose to use grayscale for this, it looks amazing :O


Posted by JohnnyF102 2 months ago Report

Ooh beautiful


Posted by NicoleSosa 2 months ago Report

ah, I loved it, I love this anime a lot, and seeing its favs characters females participating in vores, and even better, with your drawing style, it excites me, good drawing :3


Posted by Robotdocter 2 months ago Report

i wonder if you plan to make pred pics of all the 1-a and possibly 1-b girls, cause these have looked really good so far, even the old one of momo you did :)


Posted by Lampton 2 months ago Report

nothing planned at the moment, but might draw some of the 1-b girls at some point, they're pretty neat as well. And thanks!


Posted by HVL 2 months ago Report

So we got ashido, momo, hagakure and jiro. So where are tsu and uraraka?


Posted by hamilton4 2 months ago Report

Oh dear lord this is glorious! Love the acid effects and that belly is divine!!!


Posted by TheGoldKeeper118 2 months ago Report

Will we see a post vore?


Posted by Lampton 2 months ago Report

probably not this time, sorry xp


Posted by SlickDratini 2 months ago Report

Oh man, perfect execution... in more ways than one! Well done! ^O^


Posted by NewRebellion 2 months ago Report

While I love Momo (who definitely has an AWESOME potential vore-themed Quirk), I'll happily admit that you tapped into Mina's vore potential very well! And as much as I'd love to see Momo as the pred, I'm still really looking forward for a sequel to this! Great work!


Posted by Kronguss 2 months ago Report

This is getting a "HNNNNNNHMMNGNNG" from me


Posted by MelancholyClownD 2 months ago Report

Mina avenged Ochako! Of course, that's assuming there's any sort of continuity in your MHA artwork. Another masterpiece, the dialogue is great too!


Posted by whatisthissheet 2 months ago Report

That angle, squishy belly and expression in the last panel, holy shit it looks amazing.


Posted by boomerangfish 2 months ago Report

Fuck this is great


Posted by anysizebutsmall 2 months ago Report

Wow, that gut in the last panel, tho...


Posted by Killboo 2 months ago Report

Mina pred is best MHA pred


Posted by Catvs 2 months ago Report

Ashido best gal, only makes sense she'd eat up a fan favorite.


Posted by Kurczak48 2 months ago Report

Great work like always! Keep it up! Also first time of proper use of her quirk!


Posted by VirtuosoViking 2 months ago Report

Ooh, I like the process of the scene. Not quite fully melted prey being eaten. Kinda like a half-step towards how a spider eats. And with a resulting belly like that? I dig it.


Posted by drakostorm007 2 months ago Report

awesome job


Posted by Birichino 2 months ago Report

Not sure why she felt a need to dial it down while being pretty much peak villain.


Posted by Anon2727 2 months ago Report

You post god tier MHA content! <333


Posted by Anon2727 2 months ago Report

Please tell me there will be a part two! ;U;


Posted by Winny 2 months ago Report

Adorable! I love it Lampton, Easily one of the best preds in the universe~ <3


Posted by pizza3695 2 months ago Report

Absolutely loved this!! Ashido needs more pred love! Thanks so much for doing this Lampton :)


Posted by cloud8745 2 months ago Report

Absolutely amazing job. You continue to be one of the best artists on this whole website.


Posted by Reiko 2 months ago Report

Ooo more Mina mushing of the My Hero Girls ;3
She's the best! From the best artist ;3


Posted by S0methingWicked9 2 months ago Report

Absolutely incredible, great work as always.


Posted by ilikeafatass 2 months ago Report

Ashido best girl


Posted by Altimos 2 months ago Report

Sounding like a bonafide villain... she straight up IS a villain...
And I love it <3 <3 <3
Beautifully done :3


Posted by ThroatJumper 2 months ago Report

Thas quite nice that


Posted by CrystalKiller88 2 months ago Report

Best girl makes best pred. Who woulda guessed?


Posted by Hozomat 2 months ago Report

So, is it some sort of pre-digestion? Interesting!


Posted by GoTee1 2 months ago Report

So, you're melting your heroic classmate and slurping their sludge as they liquify, giving you a front row seat to their suffering that even the cruelest of preds usually don't get, and plan on doing it to all your other classmates, who are heroes who help people.
At what point in this plan exactly are you a bonafide villain?


Posted by BellyBustingKelli 2 months ago Report

Ashido going full vore villain as she gets addicted is such a good idea ????


Posted by ShyMaster 2 months ago Report

This needs to be a series


Posted by DespairOfV 2 months ago Report

Hooray for best girl Mina this was great.


Posted by RiderKick78 1 month ago Report

Two of my favorite MHA girls.


Posted by asuburb 1 month ago Report

Oh my god!
you're amazing, Lampton <3 <3