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Hidden In Plain Sight By Lampton -- Report

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 Draconatedz wrote a story to go be paired with this piece while I was working on it (and subsequently it's what helped me come up with the second half of the sequence)! . You can and should check it out here -->!

Got struck by a sudden inspiration to draw MHA characters earlier this week. More likely to come later, but for now here's Hagakure helping Jirou become invisible as well.

Also I'm well aware her insides would be invisible as well, but that's not very interesting to draw >:p

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Posted by Azuris 1 year ago Report

Huh, never considered invisible preds before with their prey digesting in plain view. Really fine work Lampton!


Posted by Robotdocter 1 year ago Report

jesus christ this is amazing, toru pred is always interesting to me because how would prey look? would they be visible or would they not? i also really love how you drew jiro, especially how she's digesting in the second panel :O


Posted by Dragonitas 1 year ago Report

I believe it's explained that Tooru's body refracts light that hits her in a way that the human eye can't process and instead makes us see what's behind her. Following that we shouldn't be able to see what's inside her because then we'd see everything inside her body that isn't biologically part of her such as her food (Jiro in this case) or things like teeth implants. That being said, I love the concept of invisible pred showing the slowly digesting prey. This is a great image~


Posted by Robotdocter 1 year ago Report

i read from something, mightve been a fanfic, that her blood and internal stuff is invisible because its produced by her body.


Posted by Rokka 1 year ago Report

I agree the second panel is amazing, Jiro is going to digest nicely indeed.


Posted by BBBbrowser 1 year ago Report

OOh, looks great. Since I started drawing I've really come to appreciate unique situations, and this one is always good!


Posted by Humbug 1 year ago Report

Well this is pretty clever. :D


Posted by Winny 1 year ago Report

That's sooo cute! Though, invisible girl must be a hardcore sadist to watch her lunch actually digest and be that laid back~ Delightful Lampton! <3


Posted by P1an3tv0re 1 year ago Report

LOVE IT~ I HAVE BEEN DYING TO SEE THIS! I always wanted to do this myself but it never looked good. Glad to see someone with skill finally brought it to be.


Posted by HallaDeck 1 year ago Report

Heh, fun, everyone gets to watch as she digests if they walk in but know they cant do anything to stop it~


Posted by SenpaiVore 1 year ago Report

Yes! YES!!!!! Someone finally did it! A Hagakure pred pic!


Posted by boomerangfish 1 year ago Report

Fuck, this is AMAZING! Great work!


Posted by DolphySoul 1 year ago Report

I swear I thought of this while ago (visible digestion)... but I wasn't so into that as to draw something similar


Posted by KaZe_DaRKWIND 1 year ago Report

Always wished there were more invisible preds


Posted by DJV 1 year ago Report

Ooo~ She's melting so goooood~


Posted by Chaos 1 year ago Report

This is actually very brilliant! I never thought of an invisible pred before that will let you perfectly see the meal melting away, bravo!


Posted by Heymanand 1 year ago Report

Nice, I never considered that her stomach juices would be invisible too. Great attention to detail.


Posted by KillerZ15 1 year ago Report

Not gonna lie. I'm not used to seeing this concept, but it is definitely oddly fascinating.


Posted by GluttonousBitch 1 year ago Report

I fucking love this


Posted by kidclef 1 year ago Report

I can practically hear Hagakure slurping up Jiros earphone jack in the left one, you can even see the imprint of her butt in her panties! INSANE level of detail in this!


Posted by NicoleSosa 1 year ago Report

good drawing bro, I like the concept, since I had seen few drawings of Hagakure in vore version, and well, I like that all the characters receive a little love <3

The Core

Posted by The Core 1 year ago Report

This is amazing, it's a fitting image.


Posted by Flipnotefan96 1 year ago Report

I’m torn. On the one hand this is some fuckmothering good shit and deserves all kinds of praise. On the other a part of me wishes Jirou was also invisible so no one would have any idea that hagakure is the reason she’s gone. Then again, that second one fits more for stories, whereas this fits with pics.


Posted by Lampton 1 year ago Report

If it's any consolation, the story paired with this sequence does have Jirou be invisible along with the rest. I just found this way to be more visually interesting.


Posted by Narkotic 1 year ago Report

This is very amazing and fun concept and your style just makes it so much more better~~


Posted by folomo 1 year ago Report

Great idea and even better execution!
It does seem like Jirou will be invisible in no time. :p


Posted by Wanderingspirit1333 1 year ago Report



Posted by Undernom 1 year ago Report

Very fun indeed!


Posted by PervyLesbian02 1 year ago Report

is nobody else here bothered by the fact that this is fetish porn of underage characters? I love Lampton's work, but this just feels super fishy to me...


Posted by Dragonitas 1 year ago Report

I don't see an underage tag there, might be aged up for the pic.


Posted by PervyLesbian02 1 year ago Report

underage pred and underage prey were both in the suggested tag additions when I first saw this one


Posted by Lampton 1 year ago Report

I do my best to age up characters as needed, and trust it's implicit enough that there's no need to mention it every time.


Posted by PervyLesbian02 1 year ago Report

Fair enough. Trust re-established.


Posted by KVCArts 1 year ago Report

Hot Damn~ <3


Posted by RG9812 1 year ago Report

You don't see alot of Invisible pred so this is a real treat


Posted by Kevinben01 1 year ago Report

I wish I could draw like you


Posted by GassyBlossom31 1 year ago Report

Lmao! *mind blown*


Posted by Anon2727 1 year ago Report

I love this a lot!<3

Can we get a post digestion pick where she is essentially just bulging out of her previous clothes? o3o


Posted by Regicide 1 year ago Report

strangely hot


Posted by Shugoki 1 year ago Report

On this episode of "things I didn't know I needed..."


Posted by lurker474 1 year ago Report

I absolutely love this!


Posted by mibankai1171 1 year ago Report

Wow you used Toru this is awesome I never seen an invisible pred before, its such an interesting idea to have the prey witness their own digestion to a stomach they cant see.


Posted by J0kerKirby 1 year ago Report



Posted by Tuf126 1 year ago Report

I always have the question with invisible people of where would it start/stop

Like if she were eating a hotdog, amd you were standing behind her, what would it look like before she took a bite? Would you see the whole hot dog, or just a cross section that cuts off at her lips?


Posted by Lampton 1 year ago Report

I'd wager for the latter to be the answer, but it's an interesting question. Considering the inside of her mouth is invisible, wouldn't that extend deeper as well? Would her prey be able to see through her from the inside?


Posted by Tuf126 1 year ago Report

That would be so humiliating for her prey, wow.


Posted by JodyBreezy 1 year ago Report

being able to see the prey turned into chyme passing thru the guts.


Posted by Deska 1 year ago Report

Invisible preds! Finally, so good! :D


Posted by NewRebellion 1 year ago Report

Pfft, I'd hardly call that 'hidden'. Hehehe!


Posted by KasoTheArtist 1 year ago Report

I fukn love this~!


Posted by Ozaga 1 year ago Report

We need a part 2 of this owo We gotta see Jiro slowly melted down


Posted by stressformurder 1 year ago Report

Huh...never knew just how much I needed this until now


Posted by MelancholyClownD 1 year ago Report

I didn't expect more BNHA vore from you, what a pleasant surprise!


Posted by BigJohnHagerty 1 year ago Report

Fascinating and very well done


Posted by Assassinmaster62 1 year ago Report

This is a really unique perspective. Especially giving room for imagination.


Posted by Altimos 1 year ago Report

Wow... I mean... WOW. This is done absolutely without a doubt, so well that it belong in some sort of Hall of Fame of Vore.
I mean, how can I NOT favorite this...
Your inspirations are sure legendary... I really hope you get more of them <3 <3 <3


Posted by BirchW 1 year ago Report

This looks great, can we expect a version with internals?


Posted by Lampton 1 year ago Report

it sounds more like some folks want a version without it ;P


Posted by Mostamazingofbaboons 1 year ago Report

I hope we get to see the aftermath! Regardless, amazing work~


Posted by golly88 1 year ago Report

That's ...that's ... too good.


Posted by Trixstone 1 year ago Report

omg i would love to see more MHA preds from you, this one looks great!


Posted by JohnnyF102 1 year ago Report

That’s unique


Posted by JohnnyF102 1 year ago Report

Never seen something like this before


Posted by Impact 1 year ago Report

This is strangely sexy! XD


Posted by Petz22 1 year ago Report

Lampton I swear to god. How is it that whenever I believe you have hit the creative limit for awesome scenarioes, you kick the ball so far out the ballpark that they have to build another one besides it to land in?

TL;DR: this is bloody amazing! ^^


Posted by Yuyuko1995 1 year ago Report

This is a fantastic concept.


Posted by Amnael 1 year ago Report

For some odd reason that pretty hot x3
If you do evil things some invisible gurl might swallow you up and digest you in public x3


Posted by Catvs 1 year ago Report

How does this man do it?


Posted by Meowsticdude 1 year ago Report

We need more of Hagakure. Best characterin the entire show


Posted by Jacquelope 1 year ago Report

Yikes! How potentially utterly terrifying!


Posted by delet230h5nb 1 year ago Report

very nice i hope you will bring more my hero academia stuff in the future


Posted by Hurb 1 year ago Report



Posted by AlterEgo23 1 year ago Report



Posted by Gentoo 1 year ago Report

ha, love it!


Posted by No-One 1 year ago Report

Very very nice. It's wonderful to see Jirou melting away.


Posted by Cheezycake 1 year ago Report

This is awesome! Invisible preds don't get nearly enough attention!


Posted by linthia 1 year ago Report

What a beautiful view spectators must have~


Posted by Razgriz 1 year ago Report

I like the idea she's see-through rather than invisible for this sort of thing lol.


Posted by whatisthissheet 1 year ago Report

Dude HOLY FUCK is the only thing I can say. The idea enough is fantastic but the posing is just amazing. I love how her ear thingy is in the throat and just both the poses.
Just wow this is way too good


Posted by Reiko 1 year ago Report

Yooo, this is gold @[email protected] The sucking down of her earjack is amaIng @[email protected]


Posted by Tavore 1 year ago Report

Absolutely incredible, a follow up further along in the digestive process would be nuts


Posted by JaredCupcakes 1 year ago Report

I'm sickened, but intrigued. Please, continue.


Posted by kibroman 1 year ago Report

a very clever idea


Posted by XANA 1 year ago Report

she'd proably have to wear a body suit to show off the results maybe froppy will be the next pred


Posted by cloud8745 1 year ago Report

Absolutely incredible picture.


Posted by FudGuy 1 year ago Report

Unbirth Toru would be interesting~


Posted by unreaper 1 year ago Report

i'm curious to see how jirou looks while being digested.
so i would like a continuation of this.


Posted by folomo 1 year ago Report



Posted by flareblitzle 1 year ago Report

This is gonna turn gruesome very shortly.
Anyway, looking forward to more MHA art :>


Posted by SherlokKiril 1 year ago Report

Hooooly shit dude ! This has to be one of the most genius ideas I've seen on this site recently. I love it ! Also, great work on prey's expression difference, she must have been quite a time in there


Posted by bearboy599 1 year ago Report

Damn. How has No one has thought this! ???? nice


Posted by JeebyHeebies 1 year ago Report

Ok, that's hilarious XD


Posted by ThroatJumper 1 year ago Report

Y'know for being.. invisible, she thicc


Posted by SamanthaLovesVoring 1 year ago Report

Oh my gosh! why has no one done this before?!


Posted by PixelArtGamer 1 year ago Report

Will there be a part 2? You know considering the story and all.


Posted by PixelArtGamer 1 year ago Report

Will there be a part 2? Y'know considering the story and all.


Posted by StretchySophie 1 year ago Report

This is absolutely brilliant.


Posted by BardicLasher 1 year ago Report

This is the greatest picture ever.


Posted by JodyBreezy 1 year ago Report

oh my god i was hoping someone would do some more tooru digestion stuff.


Posted by PhantomWolf 1 year ago Report

This is phenomenal.


Posted by Artca9 1 year ago Report



Posted by Loonnyx 1 year ago Report

800 QI
I never thought of that


Posted by SuperheroFood 1 year ago Report

Nice work, loved it.


Posted by Badfurson 1 year ago Report

Oh cool! I love invisible preds! I have a few as well~


Posted by VoreSkeeter 1 year ago Report

I really like how she's turning invisible as she digests.


Posted by RedNastyFoxy 11 months ago Report

That is a really curious concept for sure!


Posted by xvx17 9 months ago Report

Esto es increible


Posted by Timelord999 9 months ago Report

No matter how many times I see this. It's just always so sexy.


Posted by Jackpot13666 7 months ago Report

absolutely amazing <3