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Alright, my gallery is pretty much entirely stories, with a mix of male and female predators. Always oral, usually same-size, and mostly fatal.

There is some 3D model type stuff, but it was made with generic free models provided by the software company, not original ones. Apparently, this was against the site rules, and while I can keep the ones I already made up, I can't do any more.

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The scientists were
almost giddy with excitement. They hadn't had this much funding
since the sixties, and the SyFy channel was an incredible source of
inspiration, no more need for LSD.
A few of the old timers
were skeptical. In this era of Wiki-leaks and cellphone cameras,
creating a half-man, half-shark creature would be much more
dangerous. Two teams were assigned to the project. One team's output
was unremarkable. The other scientists misunderstood, and created a
half-women, half-shark

Gwen cursed silently as
her car puttered slowly to a halt.
“God damn it, in the
middle of the country too.” She slammed the door as she got out.
Walking around front, she opened the hood and stared at the guts of
the vehicle. Realizing she had no idea how any of it worked, and
there was nothing on fire or otherwise obviously broken, she sighed.
“Late to work
already, my boss is gonna be pissed.” She said as she tried to open
the door. She paused, realizing she hadn't succeeded. She

Selene was a vampire. Her kind have been fighting werewolves, or lycans, for close to a thousand years, and Selene was one of their best warriors, a death dealer. As a death dealer, she wore a tight leather suit, in sharp contrast to the corsets and coats of most of her kind. She was widely considered to be among the most attractive of the vampire's, with her dark hair and perky breasts, which were quite visible in her skintight leather suit.

Selene grinned. From her perch, the pair of l

Amber grinned as the first kids began to show up. Tonight, her revenge would be complete. Amber was tall for her age, and mostly thin, except for a round, distended belly, giving her the appearance of being seven months pregnant. No matter how hard she tried to burn it off, it remained, and just became firmer and rounder. The other students teased her, saying she was pregnant, but she would show them...

All told, six kids had been invited to the party, three boys, three girls. Five of t

The small yacht cut through the waves with ease, the sound of laughter following in it's wake. Sarah and Jeff had been dating for two years, and today he would propose to marry her.

He had planned the whole thing out months in advance. He knew she had always dreamed of being a marine biologist, and even know the ocean fascinated her. So when he had asked her to go on a scuba-diving trip with him, she was ecstatic. Finally, a chance to dive beneath the waves and explore coral reefs, to

Of all the bodies I've been in, this is one of the nicest.

On a list of “thoughts most people have never thought”, that would place rather high, wouldn't it? This isn't a story about a normal person, however, as normal people are by definition boring and unremarkable. Debatably , it isn't even a story about a person, although this isn't exactly a proper forum for such existential discussion.

You see, the protagonist of this little vignette used to be a person. That isn't

The brisk wind whistled through the mountain, slowly eroding away it's proud features. But the mountain stood strong, and would for some time. Already it wasn't as high, or harsh as it once was, but it didn't care. It was still impressive in it's vastness, and treacherous to walk upon, and still beautiful to behold.

Lucinda inhaled deeply, bending over. Just a few years ago, she wouldn't have even been winded at this point, but time had stolen her strength. Her cougar companion cast a b



Hate. Hate and Love are the two things I feel.

Hate: I hate Him. He is the one who Corrupts Her. He violates Her, He pretends He loves Her. He doesn't know what Love is. Only I do. Worse, She thinks She Loves Him.

Love: I Love Her. She is all I have Loved, and all I ever will. Since She has blessed God's Earth 280 months or 8517 days ago, I have Loved Her. I have known of this infatuation for 180 months, or 5615 days.

On the day I first saw Her, Past Se

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dimensione510's Blog - An explanation Posted 9 years ago

Not sure if anyone cares but I should probably explain why I haven't posted anything in a year. In case someone ever wonders. Don't get your hopes up, I won't post anything new. I'll keep up any rp's I'm doing, I owe it to those people.

Anyway, I feel empty. Dead inside. I've felt this way for awhile but a year ago it got too much. I couldn't get up the energy to write anymore. I still can't. I lost a ton of my sex drive. I dropped contact with a lot of people over the past year. I realize no one cares, but it would annoy me if someone stopped writing all of a sudden, so I'll feel a little better if an explanation is out there.

I guess I'm going through a rough spot. I don't want to talk about why, but it's a stupid reason, not like a family member...
[ Continued ... ]

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